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Artist in Residence – Gillian King

Gillian King is a painter and art educator from Winnipeg, Manitoba and recent MFA Graduate from the University of Ottawa (2016). King is the winner of the RBC Emerging Artist Award 2017 as well as the recipient of the 2017 Nancy Petry Award which has funded her to live and work in Europe from late 2017 into early 2018.

King has shown in galleries nationally and internationally and has completed residencies at The Banff Centre (Banff, Alberta, Canada) and Sparkbox Studios (Picton, Ontario, Canada) and NES Artist Residency (Skagaströnd, Iceland). Most recently, she was chosen as the Ontario representative in the Robert McLaughlin Gallery’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition, ‘Ab NEXT’ (Oshawa, On / April 29 – Sept 3, 2017) featuring five emerging abstract painters from across Canada.

King looks forward to ‘Ghosts’ – a solo exhibition with PDA Projects (Ottawa, On / April, 2018). 

‘Through large scale abstract painting, I attempt to connect ancient art practices and our changing geographical landscapes as a way to address our collective histories, mutual fragility, and mortality with other living beings and the Earth. I draw from elements of ecology, paleontology, politics, mysticism and the occult and make use of specific materials (including plant and vegetable matter, hair, animal ashes, sand, dirt, and raw pigments) for their physical properties and symbolic relevance. Through abstract painting, I explore ways in which we may move forward in this destructive environmental time. I question what it is to be a human animal and possible ways to reconnect with nature and other living beings’.

Artist In Residence – Francisco Rigozzi

Francisco Rigozzi, born in Córdoba, province of Argentina in 1994; Photographer at his roots, devoted to the Arts in their most varied expressions. He has studied Photography, Visual Arts and Filmmaking; As of January he’s participating at NES.
His work oscillates between sound and vision, his images speak about themselves and about their condition of existence; his soundwork immerse the spectator in a liquid environment as sound slowly starts to fill and flood the room and then it drains and leave the subject soaked in pristine solitude, embodied in the world.

Artist in Residence – David Huggins

David is an Australia-based dancer, originally from New Zealand. He has worked extensively with Australian choreographer Russell Dumas, touring both in Australia and internationally. This is his second month at NES, and is working in the Biopol studios, exploring some of his own interests around performance-making and choreography.

Artist in Residence – Trayc Claybrook

Trayc Claybrook’s goal for working at Nes is to create visual stories that deal with the experience of being human. To put a hand on an intuition that is difficult to express. To pose the questions, who am I? why am I here? and how do I navigate this life? We all go through pivotal times where we are pushed to our limits and we don’t see a way up or out. But history and mythology tell us we will find the way up, the way out. Icelandic folktales are rich with archetypal heroes, finding their way in a challenging environment.

Artist in Residence – Rianne White

Rianne White, 26, Scottish Film Director and Choreographer. With a background in dance, movement informs her work with a showcase of music videos that incorporate the organic elements of human behaviour and the way in which the body operates and responds in space. Rianne is currently in development of her first feature film, “Light After Nine”,  set across an isolated landscape inspired by the Icelandic winter. Within NES she will explore the key themes within this piece provoked by Skagaströnd’s small community and elemental battle between life and the northern mountains.
twitter: @riannelwhite
instagram: @rustykicks

Artist in Residence – Alexia Brehas

Alexia Brehas is an artist and designer who specialises in fine ink drawings comprised of tens of thousands of dots, as well as delicate metal engraving work. Her practice is grounded upon consideration to detail, and precise mark-making. Alexia works within a consciously limited world of black and white, which allows her to create dynamic portraits by focusing purely on tone. Folklore and myth underpin Alexia’s work, however upon commencing her residency with Nes, her practice shifted to a narrow focus of portraits only. During her stay, she intends to explore the possibilities of portrait work in varying scales and compositions, in an attempt to capture and reflect the warmth of the community in Skagaströnd and the people she meets along the way.
Instagram & Twitter: @alexiabrehas

Artist in Residence – Dao Strom & Kyle Macdonald

Dao Strom writes in a hybrid form of poetry, memoir, music & multimedia. Her partner Kyle Macdonald collaborates with her on video and other visual & installation elements. Together, they’ve explored projection and imagery involving wings, triangles, and paper-boxes.

Dao’s books include an experimental memoir, We Were Meant To Be a Gentle People, accompanied by a multimedia song-cycle, East/West, and two books of fiction. She has a forthcoming bilingual (Vietnamese/English) poetry book, You Will Always Be Someone From Somewhere Else, to be published by Ajar Press in 2018.

You can see more of Dao’s Nes residency reflections on her instagram: @herandthesea and also link to her multi-media work here:  : and just released work here:



Opið Hús – Október 2017

Sway our way to Nes for opið hús, sunnudagur 29, kl. 15.00 – 17.00 and sooth your post-election blues / happiness 😉 🌎🏟️. Activities in our freezer studio space start at 16.00 ! See flyer below for details …

Artist in Residence – Tom Farthing

Tom Farthing is a painter from London.  His work is concerned with re-imagining figurative painting in a contemporary context.  During his month at NES he has mainly been making drawings, watercolours and oil paintings from the landscape in and around Skagaströnd, and hopes to develop more work from his research on his return to London.  He has been particularly interested in the relationship between architecture and landscape.  Previous bodies of work have developed out of collage, found photographs and most recently still lives.  Examples of his work can be seen at and