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Artist in Residence – Rianne White

Rianne White, 26, Scottish Film Director and Choreographer. With a background in dance, movement informs her work with a showcase of music videos that incorporate the organic elements of human behaviour and the way in which the body operates and responds in space. Rianne is currently in development of her first feature film, “Light After Nine”,  set across an isolated landscape inspired by the Icelandic winter. Within NES she will explore the key themes within this piece provoked by Skagaströnd’s small community and elemental battle between life and the northern mountains.
twitter: @riannelwhite
instagram: @rustykicks

Artist in Residence – Alexia Brehas

Alexia Brehas is an artist and designer who specialises in fine ink drawings comprised of tens of thousands of dots, as well as delicate metal engraving work. Her practice is grounded upon consideration to detail, and precise mark-making. Alexia works within a consciously limited world of black and white, which allows her to create dynamic portraits by focusing purely on tone. Folklore and myth underpin Alexia’s work, however upon commencing her residency with Nes, her practice shifted to a narrow focus of portraits only. During her stay, she intends to explore the possibilities of portrait work in varying scales and compositions, in an attempt to capture and reflect the warmth of the community in Skagaströnd and the people she meets along the way.
Instagram & Twitter: @alexiabrehas

Artist in Residence – Dao Strom & Kyle Macdonald

Dao Strom writes in a hybrid form of poetry, memoir, music & multimedia. Her partner Kyle Macdonald collaborates with her on video and other visual & installation elements. Together, they’ve explored projection and imagery involving wings, triangles, and paper-boxes.

Dao’s books include an experimental memoir, We Were Meant To Be a Gentle People, accompanied by a multimedia song-cycle, East/West, and two books of fiction. She has a forthcoming bilingual (Vietnamese/English) poetry book, You Will Always Be Someone From Somewhere Else, to be published by Ajar Press in 2018.

You can see more of Dao’s Nes residency reflections on her instagram: @herandthesea and also link to her multi-media work here:  : and just released work here:



Opið Hús – Október 2017

Sway our way to Nes for opið hús, sunnudagur 29, kl. 15.00 – 17.00 and sooth your post-election blues / happiness 😉 🌎🏟️. Activities in our freezer studio space start at 16.00 ! See flyer below for details …

Artist in Residence – Tom Farthing

Tom Farthing is a painter from London.  His work is concerned with re-imagining figurative painting in a contemporary context.  During his month at NES he has mainly been making drawings, watercolours and oil paintings from the landscape in and around Skagaströnd, and hopes to develop more work from his research on his return to London.  He has been particularly interested in the relationship between architecture and landscape.  Previous bodies of work have developed out of collage, found photographs and most recently still lives.  Examples of his work can be seen at and

Writer in Residence – Laura Kaye

Laura Kaye is a writer from London.  Her first novel, a satire of rural England as seen through the eyes of a woman from Slovakia, plays with themes of gender, queerness and identity.  She is working on her second book which is about her growing fascination with Germany after the discovery of her German ancestry and her attempts to write a historical novel about a league of teenage hikers in Berlin in 1912.




Artist in Residence – Agnieszka Rowinska

Agnieszka Rowinska graduated in 2016 from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting led by Prof. Jarosław Modzelewski.
The most significant aspect of the artist’s works is the topic itself. Only after this is decided on, does the artist consider the way of presenting it. Due to this creative process, her portfolio combines various different art media and techniques.
During the Nes Residency, Agnieszka plans to work with the topic of death. This study will work as means to help her tackle the fear of death- to tame this topic and make death less traumatic. As a base for it Agnieszka has chosen a passage from Revelation and will try to interpret it in more gentle way.

Artist in Residence – Aaron Palabyab

Aaron Palabyab is a film and video director, cameraman, time-lapse shooter, and an award-winning landscape and night sky photographer. Born and raised and living his entire life in Manila, he seeks imagery that expresses a longing to reconnect with what those of us who have known nothing but cities have lost: connection to nature, intimacy with awe, and the wonder of a time before our lights dimmed our stars.
At the same time, he is keen to explore the physical and emotional impact of a radical change in weather and setting as he spends his first winter anywhere in the world here at Nes. Aside from photography, he will be shooting video and time-lapse and will be writing for film during his time here.

You can find his work at – and






WRITER in Residence – Daryl Farmer

Daryl Farmer is a writer living in Fairbanks, Alaska. He is the author of two books: Bicycling beyond the Divide,  a nonfiction travel narrative, and Where We Land, a collection of short fictional stories. His recent work has appeared in The Whitefish ReviewHayden’s Ferry Review, and Gingerbread House. He is an associate professor at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.

“I write to break through the chaotic maelstrom of my mind. Maelstrom: a powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius. I write to stop it, to slow it down, organize those objects in a way that makes sense. In writing, I move from chaos to order. From this order, on my best days, I skirt the edges of peace and feel its cold spray on my face. I write to remember: to place my feet on the ground of the past, look around me and wonder at who I once was, who I am now. I write in hopes that my words will provoke thought or memories in readers.

For me, the writing process begins not on the page, but in awareness: of the sensory details that surround us, of the way that stories inhabit our lives, of our own thoughts, ideas and memories. Some of the best training I received for writing was in photography school, where the eye was trained to notice all the nuances of light and to frame details from close-up to a wider view.

In my recent writing, I have been examining more closely the role of setting and how it works not as backdrop to character’s lives, but as central to how they live, and how they perceive the world. A lot of my work is also fueled by an insatiable fascination with cultural geography, history, and identity. I believe writing—like all art–can help us all understand human connections, with the natural world, with the culture that surrounds us, and with each other.”
Links to examples of work –


Artist in Residence – Emilie Slater

Emilie Slater is a filmmaker and curator originally from Philadelphia. Her work centers on themes of work, time and ethnography. Her projects remains heavily influenced by her experience as a community organizer and graduate work in labor relations. Drawing from neo-political and feminist critical theory, she sees film as a means to explore how reality can be translated beyond the confines of positivism. Her arrangements are loosely thematic and hold an affinity for repetition and synchronized rhythm all rooted in the analog tradition.

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Still from ‘Hammer and Nails’
16mm b&w 3’08, Hand processed, Transferred to video