Everything as usual in Iceland

We wish to remind our visitors and potential visitors to Nes Artist Residency in Skagaströnd that day-to-day life in Iceland carries on as usual.

There is however a volcanic eruption on the south coast. Because of that we want to stress that it has not made any impact on our lives, not here in Skagaströnd or most other parts of the country. Icelanders’ daily life is proceeding quite normally. The only exception is in a very specific area on the South coast.

Even though the eruption in the glacier is relatively small, airborne volcanic ash has dispersed over a wide area and disrupted air travel in Europe. As strange as it sounds airports in Iceland, Keflavik and Reykjavik, have not been struck by the ash like those in Europe.

So our lives here in Iceland have not changed in any way due to the volcanic eruption. Nevertheless we wish to warn you of exaggerated news reports on the eruption.

If you are not convinced or you have any doubt in your mind about your visit to Skagastrond, please send us an e-mail and we’ll answer a.s.a.p.

This map shows you where we are in relation to the volcano.

Below are links that are regularly updated on the current volcanic situation in Iceland.
This is a link to online Icelandic newspapers, the Engilsh edition:



Link to the tourist information site:


Volcanic eruption live on this link:


There is a web which shows the live disperse of the volcanic ash:


The web of the Icelandic Met Office gives very good info on the eruption in English.


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