Anniversary exhibition at Nes

To all Nes artists

We here at Nes Artist Residency want to mark our two year anniversary by hosting an exhibition with artwork by former artists of Nes. The exhibition will take place during the Country Days festival in the middle of August. The Country Days is a 3 day festival in Skagaströnd that was started by Hallbjörn Hjartarson the Country king of Iceland. This festival attracts over 1000 people from all over Iceland.

We hope that you where inspired by your stay here in Skagaströnd and are willing to share that with us. In order for this event to be successful we are hoping that many of Nes artists will be able to provide artwork for the show.

The town of Skagaströnd is interested in starting an art collection. You can choose if you would like to donate your artwork to the town of Skagaströnd or we can return it when the show is finished.

The artwork should be around 8 ½ by 11 inches or 21 by 30 cm in size in any medium.
If you are interested in sending us your artwork, feel free to include approximately 50 business cards along with your piece. Please send your artwork postmarked 26th of July 2010 to the following address:

Nes Artist Residency
Fjörubraut 8
545 Skagaströnd

Thank you for your cooperation in this effort to showcase the diversity of artists that have stayed here at Nes in the last couple of years.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions or concerns.

Takk takk og bless bless,

Ólafía Lárusdóttir
project manager

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