The golden hour in Skagaströnd

Christie Kirchner is a visual artist from Calgary in Canada that is staying with us this month. She is writing a blog during her stay here and you can find that here:

Christie writes:

“The days are long in Skagaströnd, much longer than I was expecting.  The sun comes up just before eight in the morning, and the last of the daylight doesn’t fade until nearly 8:00pm.  The sun stays low in the sky all day, hovering, and even the clouds and the stars seem like they’re closer to the earth here than anywhere I have ever been.  The sky is always brilliantly coloured, and it’s constantly changing throughout the day. It feels like a living organism, heavy and sighing over the slate-grey ocean.

The highlight of my day, the time I look forward to the most, is between about 4:30 and 7:00pm, when the sun is slowly setting and everything is tinted gold.  I usually finish up in the studio around 5:00pm, and then I go out walking and taking photos before I head home to make dinner.  It seems like it takes forever for the sun to go down.  A normal sunset, that would take about half an hour or maybe an hour in Calgary, seems to last for two or three hours in Skagaströnd.  It’s so epic, and I’m totally obsessed with the gold-and-grey colour combination of the late day sun, and the rocks, and the ocean.  During this time of day, the typically monochromatic landscape of whites, blacks, blue-greys and browns, turns to warm and golden pinks, oranges and yellows.  Everything moves in slow motion during the golden hour, like it’s coated with ice and honey.”

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