Open for applications

Special stipend for May 2011

A EUR 200 (about USD 280) stipend is now available for residents in May. And we still have openings …

The stipend project has to involve the Skagaströnd community in some way. This can be, for example, a short course for the public, a community workshop, or a performance etc.

To submit an application, please fill out the application form and send the following to

  • A CV or resumé
  • Short project description/intentions for your stay
  • Four work samples in jpeg format, marked with artists name and title

Further information on our website


Artists are provided with a studio space and a bedroom, see studio and housing.

Applications to Nes Artist Residency can be submitted at any time and is for monthly periods ranging from 1 to 6 months.

The residency is not confirmed until a payment is received.

We still have spaces open for
the summer of 2011.

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