The Displacement Workshop at Nes / Thursday 28th / 5-10 PM

The “artistic” collage technique appeared in the beginning of the 1900s, and got spread as a revolutionary tool both in art and political propaganda. From dadaism to punk, collage has been associated with conflicting systems of beliefs. More recently, collage has become synonym with post-modernism, as a pluralist and associative language that suits the continuous hybridization of contemporary culture. “Cutting”, “copying” and “pasting” from multi-layered interfaces is part of our daily life, and a condition to perception in general.

In this workshop we will be debating and practicing collage. Participants are encouraged to bring the tools and materials they want to work with. Besides practicing, we will take an overview of the history of collage, and see some of its contemporary expressions.

Antonio Sobral received a partial stipend from Nes Artist Residency to teach this workshop.


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