When is the best time of year to come to NES?

This question is often asked, and many people assume that the best time of year is the summer as it is light all of the time. People also assume that the winter is not a good time to come because it is cold and dark all of the time. Fortunately, in the winter, this is not true! While it can be cold in the winter, the average daily temperature is actually very similar to that than New York City. Furthermore, due to the angle of the earth relative to the sun, sunset and sunrise actually take a very long time, often more than two hours. These long periods of time produce deep colors in the sky and the landscape that you do not see in the lower latitudes.

Summer is exceptional and the 24 hour daylight means 24 hour accessibility to landscape and environment. The long days mean energy levels are high and many people are in motion, traveling, hiking, swimming, and holidaying. This time of year means Icelanders are often with family friends, on vacation, or traveling.
In summer you will need to black out your room with dark fabric if you cannot sleep with light.

The transitional seasons of Spring and Autumn mean that artists see the landscape morph before their eyes with spectacular drama.Sometimes experiencing incredible beauty, or incredible harshness, as summer and winter battle it out. This is a good time to discover both worlds of Iceland, as the suns retreat or emergence is often at very noticable intervals each sunset or sunrise.

Skagaströnd holds many events, there is a local choir, often performances in the church with Icelandic companies or arts organisations/musicians, an annual Þorrablót Viking Feast in February. There is the Fishermans’ Day Festival in June. Christmas celebrations and dancing around the town tree in December. The Kántrýbær (local bar and restaurant) is open most weekends in winter, and everyday in summer. For a small town, it seems that if you scratch a little below the surface you can discover a micro-casm of activity.

Importantly, for arts reasons; you may like to visit festivals or events if you want to experience some trips to Reykjavik or surrounding areas during your time here. Some festivals to research might be: The Reykjavik Dance Festival, Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik International Film Festival, Reykjavik Arts Festival, Skagaströnd Kántrýdagur Festival, Dalvik Fish Festival, Sequences Biennial, Design March, Reykjavik Literature Festival. Plus Nes Artist Residency presents arts events and festivals annually.
Buses run from Skagaströnd 2 times every day if you want to visit the city for events, while remaining in Skagaströnd to create strong studio focus or concentrated time on your practice.

We think anytime is a unique opportunity to experience something different in Iceland. The environment and arts is ever changing with events and culture happening both locally and in Reykjavik.

We prefer winter ourselves, we step out our front doors to see the northern lights. The best time of year to see the aurora borealis is between September/October and March, believe it or not by April there is too much light in the night sky! Here is a picture to wet your artistic appetites of the auroras shinning over our Spákonufell mountain above Skagaströnd.

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