Full stipend for film maker

NES Artist Residency is excited to put a call out to film makers interested in working with the community to create a retrospective film in either January or February 2012. Skagastrond’s preschool will be celebrating its 35th year anniversary and is looking to work with a film maker to commemorate the occasion, by filming current and past students as well as others in the community. NES will award a full stipend to the film maker chosen for the project.

All interested applicants should go to neslist.is and apply. When sending in the additional materials please describe how you would approach this project, your unique visions and the direction you would take.

Please consider in your application how you would deal with the language barrier. If there is interview work in this film it would be in Icelandic and not everyone here speaks english.

The deadline for submission is December 5. If you are interested please apply at this link https://neslist.is/application/how-to-apply/ and state that you are applying for this stipend in your cover letter.

This grant is made possible by the generous support of Minningarsjóður um hjónin frá Garði og Vindhæli

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