Call For Artists: November – March

Icelandic Winter Residency – Warmer than Berlin.

calling for artists from all disciplines to bathe in the Northern Lights and experience one of the most unique places on earth


Nes Artist Residency call for artists to bathe in the Northern lights, be inspired by unparalled natural phenomena, find focus and connection, develop substantial writing, artwork, or research, and get as close to Mars as you can on earth.

The Nes AIR program is focused on providing inter-disciplinary cross pollination of ideas, exchanges, and unexpected collaborations. Artists can find escape and focus here while at the same time developing invaluable networks and creative connections to other artists. Extended residencies of 2 or more months enables these relationships to be strongly forged. 1 month is often cited by artists as insufficient. We believe to create well articulated, significant, and influenced work; residencies must be made for at least 2 or more months. All applications should be made for this length.

Applications for 1 month will be taken in the case of special circumstances.

Winter itself holds unique natural phenomena: northern lights, ice caves, hot pots (sometimes in ice caves), ice formations, frost action (the expanding and contracting of the earth as it freezes then thaws – hovering around 0 degrees celsius -as if breathing very slowly), glaciers, light piercing the sky in illuminating bursts during the short days, darkness creating long nights, the howl of the arctic wind, and the mood of a small fishing village at the edge of the Greenland Sea encased in snow and wind with warmth and glowing lights on inside. Incredible.

The town of Skagaströnd also hosts a marine biology research centre, and the Museum of Þordis (spell woman/prophetess). Artists are welcomed into the community for an actual cultural exchange. February in particular has “Þorablót” – a communal town feast of traditional Icelandic foods (sheeps heads, soured whale, fermented shark, soured testicles etc).

Cheaper travel to and from Reykjavik (4 hours away) is easier in winter as towns people travel very often for work and often artists can drive with them to experience the city when needed. Car hire road trips are also encouraged.

Artists in winter are a particular breed, we welcome them with open arms to discover, adventure, and create. Nes works to facilitate creative progression, innovation, and the engaged artist.

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