Call for past Nes films

Screen test. Rossella Piccinno and Christian Castaneda


We are celebrating film makers at Nes this month. As a part of the local town festival, Kántrýdagur, Nes will be presenting a 2 day exhibition and film reel of past Nes resident films. If you have been an artist in residence at Nes and made a film while here you are invited to submit that film via web link, upload a file, or express post a dvd of your film for presentation.


Film retrospective exhibtion will be August 16 and 17th during the Kántrýdagur festival.

-Film submissions close August 13th.
-Only past Nes artists in residence may submit films they shot here on site.
-Link must be from a reliable streaming site (youtube, own website etc), a small file upload to dropbox or similar, or an express post dvd copy that must arrive by August 13, 2012.

Contact Melody to submit your film –

Looking forward to our Freezer Film Retrospective!


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