Summer We Go Public – Call for Artists

Image courtesy of Anya Rosen


Nes is calling for artists to take to the streets, to be engaged, to engage, to connect with site and people and place. We want urban/street artists, public artists, performance/live artists, interdisciplinary artists, musicians, and/or contemporary artists that investigate public space, community, permanance/impermanance/ephemerality, and work that breaks down the 4th wall and finds something special, that connects. We want to create a summer of artful streets in Skagaströnd.

The summer months in Iceland are an excellent opportunity for artists to approach the environment, walls, streets, or people outside and in full view.  The sun comes out, warmth hits our faces, and we bask in the 24 hour daylight. Out there. Sunlight peeking through our dresses at midnight. People in the street. Art creating pause and play. Intersection and interaction.


We are going public.


We are calling for applications for the months of June, July, August, and September 2013. These months are reserved now for artists that are interested in working with ideas of public, private, ephemerality, permanence, performance/liveness, urban art, or intervention works.  We are going public, and we are visible. We.Are.Here.


***Please do not apply for June, July,  August. and/or September if your work does not consider any of the above ideas. Your application will not be considered for these months. We encourage artists outside this theme to apply outside of these months. Artists already accepted to June, July, August, or September will still be accepted.

Applications for JUNE, JULY, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER will close January 15th.

Successful applicants will be notified by February 1st. Certain exemplary applications may be notified immediately upon submission.


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