The point of inter-disciplinary…


Nes is interested in the advancement of contemporary and inter-disciplinary art directions. So we are making a pod cast about it.

October 13, as part of the North West Iceland Cultural Weekend, Nes will host an open discussion around the idea of inter-disciplinary practice, how we establish and understand this notion, what it means, how it works, and how it connects outside of art itself.

We are interested in the direction of interdisciplinary practice and the idea of collaboration and progression through research, process, and inter-connection between different fields.

We are interested to find the place in which things sit, how we thus engage, and furthermore extend into how they merge or become integrated as part of the larger design.

We are interested in the role artists play within a greater scope or the way that arts on the periphery, in remote areas, or outside of “things” becomes tangible and connected.


Join us with a cup of tea at the Nes Studios this Saturday October 13 to be a part of the discussion.  Podcast details will follow the event. Check back with us to get the link.

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