The Weight of Mountains

photo2 (2) (640x640)“THE WEIGHT OF MOUNTAINS

A three month film development residency and film festival challenges filmmakers on the periphery at Nes Artist Residency, Northern Iceland.

A new program called The Weight of Mountains is set to challenge filmmakers in some of the most remote and difficult locations around the globe. The inaugural program is set in Skagaströnd, northern Iceland at Nes Artist Residency.  Selected filmmakers will participate in a 3 month film development residency over December 2013, January and February 2014.  The program will include 3 professional symposiums and the opportunity for resident filmmakers to create a short film based around the curated theme of ‘Humanity and Environment’ while on location in Skagaströnd.  Each filmmaker will be offered a place in The Weight of Mountains Film Festival to present their film and hold a Directors talk to audiences at the end of February 2014.


The Weight of Mountains is now calling for applicants to be a part of the program. There are positions for filmmakers, symposium guest speakers, and films submitted for the film festival in February. There is a strong focus on creative development and process that encourages filmmakers to respond to ideas of humanity and the sculptural impact of our immediate and influential environments.

“We aim to push filmmakers into new and foreign territory and into difficult environmental conditions, this way we hope to support and  foster opportunity for robust or resilient people in new contemporary filmmaking, hopefully these filmmakers will walk away with new skills in extreme filmmaking that they can carry with them into their future practice” *

The Weight of Mountains will bring together filmmakers from Nordic, Baltic, and international regions. The program straddles a fine line between freedom and structure, encouraging filmmakers to work on any style or direction in their individual practice though they must do it independently, self-sufficiently, and with limited resources while responding to a central theme. The Weight of Mountains will support ideas and development with a structure of symposiums and residency facilitation, curator on-site support, and we predict locals may join in to help the cause.

Our key focus for Iceland is the character of landscape: the treachery, the drama, the control it has over us. This is no landscape painting, this is 360° immersive space that pushes us on our face from arctic winds and pulls us into ice caves and lava fields amidst snow blizzards and 100km/hr winds. You must respect mother nature here, as she sure as hell does not respect you.”*

The Weight of Mountains is co-founded by Australian filmmaker, Tim Marshall, and Iceland based curator and artist, Melody Woodnutt. It is administered and hosted by their residency partner, Nes Artist Residency. Funding is confirmed from Menningarráð Norðurlands vesta.

For more information see the website:  or email Melody Woodnutt:

Applications for the 3 month filmmaker development residency close Iceland time 23:59 May 31, 2013.

Applications should be made via
Above image credit coutesy of Alison Gradischer.