BrerArt Week, Milan

Nes Listamiðstöð has been asked to select an artist from our stables to contribute work to the BrerArt Week Exhibitions in Milan, Italy this October 23 – 27.

If you have been an artist at Nes (or currently are in residence) you are invited to submit a proposal for submission into the exhibition. Submissions close July 8th, 2013.

Criteria for submissions:

– Any arts genre is accepted.
– Must reflect your time at Nes, either as work you made on-site, or new work made after Nes that has been influenced by your time at here. We are looking for “Icelandic” influenced work.
– Nes wants to support artists bridging their careers between international regions and Italy (or Europe).

There is no theme for the context the work will be shown in, but the exhibition will present works from artists selected by institutions and residencies worldwide.
The place of the exhibition will be an inner space, inside an historical building next to Brera district, Milan.
Size limit of the work is restricted to your own personal cost of shipping the artwork to Milan.

If you wish to be considered please submit via email to

– Your website link
– Up to 4 images of the work you wish to send to Milan
– Short text about the work (500 words max) and why you want to participate (200 words max).

Please do not submit an email to us if you have not yet been a resident artist at Nes.
Nes submissions will be assessed by Melody Woodnutt (director, Nes) and Kathryn Sawyer (exhibitions and public program manager, Nes 2013). Final curation will be by Chiara Canali in Milan.


For more information about BrerArt Week, Milan:

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