Current Artist In Residence – Mary Walters

13435426_1770950436485457_2298454307192421688_nMARY WALTERS talks about what inspires her:
“I find inspiration for my art in landscape. I enjoy the landscape of mountains, where geological time manifests itself through gigantic landforms; the landscape of the edge, where land meets water; and the landscape of memory, an intangible, elusive, yet powerful melting pot of images and ideas. But it is the impermanence of these landscapes which is of paramount interest – rocks which seem solid are constantly engaged in a process of reformation. The relatively insignificant human marks – the rust, the cracks, the scratched graffiti, the distressed surfaces and the torn edges – also contribute to the layered interplay and re-invention. This is the natural cycle of growth, decay and re-birth. I have come to Iceland to experiment and to try to take myself out of my comfort zone – and especially to try to learn to use After Effects, but remaining true to what moves me ”.