Artist in Residence – Amber Brandsma

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Amber Brandsma is a Rotterdam based fashion designer and in 2012 she launched the fashion label Nieuwe Meuk, in cooperation with spatial designer Els Kuijt. The already existing archive of clothing-designs and patterns, are the inspiration for Nieuwe Meuk and they use them as a library for the Nieuwe Meuk items.
At NES Artist Residency Amber is focused on the research about how she can make a contribution to the rethinking of fashion, by approaching it from a philosophical and literary perspective. The main questions are; What is left, if you remove the image in fashion? Which kind of interpretations and translations will be made? Amber hopes that this research, once completed in written word, will open up new forms and explorations for her designs.
More information can be found on Amber’s  website.




Photography by: Mathijs Labadie