Artist in Residence – Bianca Hylwa

September artist BIANCA HYLWA talks about her background and work:  “I am a interdisciplinary artist who has recently taken a focus on a video collage. I was born in the east of Canada and was raised in the west. I graduated last year from a BFA in painting and drawing from Concordia University. I have been going on a residency binge for the last couple of months, I was in Indiana at Taleamor Park and after this I will go to one in Budapest- L Open Studios- what a privilege!


I have been making video collages which arrange a lot of different kinds of footage, from documentation to performance and digital drawing. In doing so I create a democracy between everything: from books to sheep, from ice cream to lines, from feet to eyeballs. My aim is to emphasis the character of different things and realize their inherent individual and collective vibrant energies. In the end the collection will hopefully turn into a living, throbbing and pulsating organism in video form.”