Artist in Residence – Claire Paugam

Resident artist  CLAIRE PAUGAM describes her work-
“When I look at a stone, a visual analogy occurs, I see similarities with the texture of flesh, raw flesh. I can’t explain it, it just happens. I recognize an in-between texture. This is how I placed flesh in the landscape, precisely at the top of the Eldfell volcano in Iceland. The resemblance becomes clearer, and at the same time it becomes difficult to distinguish the two materials, they tend to merge together. My favorite definition of analogy is by Michel Foucault, it is: “… a tension never calmed between the two sides of an abyssal valley”, which provides “ a wonderful fight of resemblances “. By transgressing differences, being able to extrapolate, I find a coherency. The body as a landscape and the landscape as a body.”
More information can be found on her website.

14333103_1811057385808095_5183976119073675352_n Image title: Attempting the Embrace number .25. 2015