Artist in Residence – Lucia Gašparovičová

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Lucia Gašparovičová from Slovakia writes about her work: “In my artistic work, it is important to get to know a variety of environments. I work with the topic of scale and size and their relationships with observers, users, and also the environment that surrounds them. I am searching for interactions between objects, installation and spectators. I try to set up the description of the borders of interdisciplinary. Micro and macro world, man as the centre and man as a part of the surroundings. Interdisciplinary, from which a new authentic work arises, is essential for me. It is the intersection of art work and architectural elements designed for private as well as public spaces. I work with the theme of material and emotional value of the object. Often I have appropriated elements of daily use, which I rework in precious materials and thereby alter their character, while watching the newly acquired relationship between object and user.” 




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