Artist in Residence – Pham, Minh Duc

Basically they’re used to explore the environment, learn their lyrics  well and understand their role in that ongoing performance on stage.  It is a kind of romantic reciprocity between them and the world, being  worth it to think about those relations, their potentials and risks.  The interaction is an inevitable symbiosis regarding to each other’s  existence. Eventually, they try to collect their own impressions and  consciously position themselves on a stage which belongs to all of us.

What is my phrase? Where is my company? Who’s writing my lyrics and  whose drama is it within I am finding myself on stage?
So many questions arise but at least there is a first answer:
‘They’ is me and me is Pham, Minh Duc, a queer Vietnamese Conceptual  artist based in Berlin.


Rose-coloured spectacles (He changed.)