Artist in Residence – Avantika Bawa

RESIDENT ARTIST Avantika Bawa is an artist and educator based in Portland, Oregon, USA, where she is currently Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Washington State University, Vancouver, WA. She also often resides in her hometown, New Delhi, India.  Her practice emphasizes the intersections where drawing and sculpture, stasis and motion, and the functional and non-functional intermingle. Geographic and architectural differences in landscape strongly inform her work. Bearing in mind a location’s prior use, Bawa creates drawings and/or paintings, and repurposes functional objects to create temporary installations on-site. In addition to site-based works, she has a sustained drawing practice. These drawings are deliberative yet whimsical, embracing the pure physicality of line, shape, and color. Her upcoming solo, Coliseum will be presented at the Apex space of the Portland Art Museum in August 2018. The show will highlight her drawings based on the Portland’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum, “a premier jewel of International Style of modernism in the city.”