Artist in Residence – Holly Walsh

Holly Walsh was born in 1994 in Cork, Ireland and is a practicing visual artist. She graduated with a BA HONS in Fine Art from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2016. Since then, she has gone on to set up her own studio in Waterfall, Cork where she continues to work full time.
“Shifting light, wind and water all give a landscape it’s complexity and life. These transient elements contrast with the more solid structures such as earth and rock, but also compliment them. This duality is what fascinates me, and I find myself drawn to places where both elements interplay with one another. I draw inspiration from the Irish landscape, especially rural and secluded areas where nature has more free reign. Chinese ink paintings are also a fundamental influence for me, as they explore the more ephemeral qualities of landscapes as well as portraying nature. My practice is a combination of recording outside phenomena and an expression of internal experience. “