Artist in Residence – Katharina Lökenhoff

Katharina Lökenhoff – “Crossing“: Pictures, Installation and artistic research project

My work is dedicated to find new and sustainable life strategies by crossing borders.  The starting point of my work is the experience, that many problems caused by “globalization” can be dued to an experience of separation. Not feeling the connection causes fear, the main reason (and not only the effect) of most catastrophes that are happening in the world right now.

How can we develop the intense experience where we are not separate from our so-called ‘environment’? In my artistic research project I am looking forward to make interviews with other artist at NES to learn about their working methods and to get hints to new ways of crossing the borders and thereby find new life strategies to heel the rift between us.

Other places for the interviews are Finland (Arteles Creative Center Haukijärvi in September), South Africa (Gratmore Art, Cape Town from December until March), Argentina (ACE, Buenos Aires in April), Italy (Numerovernti, Florenz in Mai) and Thailand (Sam Rit Residency in summer ´19).  Also I am invited to the Off Biennale “Something Else“ in Cairo in November where I hope to have an exchange about “Crossing “ as well.

The results of finding new methods will be presented in an exhibition, a blog and a catalog in summer 2019.

My own approach to the subject of crossing the threshold is through a colour experience.  Working with an intense reference to the body with large coloured fabrics, I focus on the qualities of colour as the equivalent of what constitutes life around and in us.

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Adequate to this topic I´m working with the material of a waxed skin, silk material dipped in beeswax. Its haptic and visual appearance mirrors the theme of crossing borders in the phenomenon of the skin as a membrane: It is the aim of “Crossing“ to show that cultural life/ – survive can be redefined and made possible through exchange rather than demarcation.