Artist in Residence – Deanna Bailey

Deanna (Dee) Bailey completed fine art and biology degrees in Alberta, Canada. She moved to the Yukon Territory in 2010 and fell for the vast wilderness there. Dee’s strong love of nature, wildlife and the outdoors is the subject matter of her art. Dee’s main objective is to encourage people to reconnect with nature through art.

Interested in pushing the boundaries of two dimensional art and attempting to make paintings more sculptural, she has been painting with oil-based clay.

While at NES in Iceland, Dee is completing research on connections to nature and landscape. She will create sculptural landscape paintings and illustrations while taking in the beauty of Northern Iceland.

Dee is a member of the Yukon Artists at Work Co-operative (YA@W). Her art can be found at the YA@W Gallery, at Arts Underground Gallery and online.
Facebook: D Bailey Art page