Artist in Residence – Loes Heebink

Loes Heebink – Looking for stillness.

Light has always been an important part of my work; a necessary factor to work with video and photography, but also through applications of intangible elements such as light, water, sound in my installations and also permanent works in public space.

More and more I feel the need to make art from a private intrinsic necessity. Partly this has arisen from the changes in the art world, part by personal circumstances, but it gives me the opportunity to discover new ways. Less on commission, more with own projects, although this is financially more difficult. It feels like reinventing myself and is an exciting, but challenging process.

The project that I have been working on for a number of years is becoming larger and broader, but I feel the need to go back to the essence that should be smaller and more poetic than the big story that lies in sublime landscapes and extreme experiences. It must also become part of my own inner world to legitimize the necessity.
I hope to find this in NES, although a month is very short to find the silence and resist the temptation to lose myself in beautiful landscapes, skies and changes in weather conditions.

Sky Kisses Earth
The starting point of the project is the fascination with the immense radiation of energy from the sun, but also the energy from the inside of the earth that meets on the horizon.

It is an almost incomprehensible grandeur that I want to represent and connect with myself and my art, which is almost ‘of what one can not speak’. But I want to find an expression for the elusive.

Information about former work you can find on my website
and about Sky Kisses Earth on the FB page