Artist in Residence – Ingeborg Knøsen

Ingeborg Knøsen is a singer/songwriter and actress from Braskereidfoss, Norway.  She has since a young age written songs and shares this passion with writing manuscripts and short stories as well.

At the Nes Artist Residency she has two agendas: developing her music style, and writing new material as well as polishing her already made songs, and to do research for her manuscript project involving norse mythology as a main focus.

Her songs are written while playing piano or keyboard, ukulele, acoustic and/or electric guitar. The genre varies but for now it’s folk/rock that gets the most attention for her English or Norwegian lyrics. She likes to bring genuine reflections into a poetic landscape, combined with metaphors attached to the surroundings to her texts, and let the melody set the mood. The honesty might come across as naive, or wise, depending on who’s listening.

The time and space at the residency allows her to stretch out, letting the creativity flow. (Ingeborg, who’s writing this presentation, says she’s forever grateful.)