Artist in Residence – Laura Ojeda Bär

Laura Ojeda Bär is our first exchange artist with Marco Arte Foco in La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here last month (Feb) for a winter residency, Laura describes how she approaches her practice.

I find life overwhelming, either labyrinthine, too much responsibility, or has no sense at all.  Like the Rosetta stone, mysterious and seductive, and oh so beautifully complex.

An alternative wandering path, sometimes going parallel sometimes crushing into it, that’s art. The two unyieldingly intertwined. As such, the entire practice of painting for me is a way to be part of the collective experience, living by non standardized rhythms, pauses and frantic races.

On the one hand, I focus on everyday events to draw substance from; on the other, I’m interested in the issues of representation thought through the link between painting and photography (and how it changed the way we look at the world).