Artist in Residence – Judit Sánchez Velasco

Judit Sánchez Velasco is an Artist and Environmentalist born in Barcelona. A two-year journey across Southeast Asia, Oceania and Central America, and Kala Khoj Artist Residency in the experimental evolving township of Auroville, India, made her conscious of the conflicts between a society based on economic growth and its natural limits.

Defined by an interdisciplinary and experimental approach, the artist’s practice spans across installation work and conceptual documentary while strives to evoke reflection upon mankind’s conflicting relationship with the natural ecosystem.
At Nes, Judit finds herself in deep connection with the environment while producing two main bodies of work: ‘Sendas Cósmicas \ I’ and ’Sonorous Dissonance’. ‘Sendas Cósmicas \ I’ explores the notions of mankind’s earthly bond through a variety of cosmic collection pathways found in the Icelandic landscape, whereas ‘Sonorous
Dissonance’ interrogates by way of sound the ecological dissociation observed through the course of her crossing across the endangered Darien Gap earlier this year.
Instagram: @sanchezjudit