Artist in Residence – Kim Goldsmith

Kim V. Goldsmith is at Nes for two months.

“I’m a digital media and installation artist and producer from inland
New South Wales, Australia. Birds have been central to my work for many  years, as indicator species for the health of the environment. You’ll find my current work and projects at the Facebook Page, Goldsmith’s Studio, and on various other social channels.

During my time at Nes, I’m working on the second part of a major
project looking at presenting the landscapes of rural and remote
Australia and Iceland from the perspective of corvids (in particular,
ravens and crows). I’ve spent the last 18 months studying corvids and recording wide-angle and virtual reality video, and sounds, across regional NSW.

I’ll be doing likewise over two months while based at Skagaströnd. The resulting large-scale video and sound installation (including a VR experience) will be shown at the Western Plains Cultural
Centre in Dubbo, NSW in December.”

The project is documented in detail at