Artist in Residence – Sabine Büttner

Sabine Büttner is an artist from Cologne/ Germany.

My artistic work usually begins with a look at what is thrown away, left behind, unusable or inconspicuous. Only in the creation process do I decide which artistic means and which formal language to use in a work. When something, such as a shape, an image, or a part of an object, grabs my attention, I separate it. I juxtapose these materials to create collages, objects, and drawings. I like to let things happen that want to happen. I choose how I want to see things. Abstract works emerge through my intuition, tending towards minimalism. I play and experiment a lot and I cherish my artistic process.

Furthermore, I have dealt with objects and works that include the wall and extend the image / objekt into the room. I am interested in space as a three dimensional drawing board.

You can find more of Sabine’s work on her website