Artist in Residence – Lydia Zimmer

RESIDENT ARTIST, dancer and choreographer Lydia Zimmer from Canada shares her perspective on dance: “I imagine dancers as otherworldly; transcending our knowledge of human to human communication, and reflecting the universe around us and the universe inside each of us. As performers, we carry out movement for those who cannot move, for those who cannot see, or hear, or speak. I truly believe dance is greater than we can comprehend, and I only hope that my time investigating movement and creating dance art will place me as close to the realm of understanding as I can be.”
More info can be found on Lydia’s website:
and see below for video links to Lydia’s dance work:
Solo in finale of Bonne Nuit at Sir James Dunn Theatre:
Improvisation self-created video ‘Headless and Dressed’:
Improvisation to improvised sound/music:


Skagaströnd, Iceland