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Artist in Residence – Tracy Chun Man Lam

Tracy Chun Man Lam was born and lives in Hong Kong. Monotonous and intimated, detached and attached, Tracy’s multidisciplinary practice, incorporating drawing, photography, text, video, and assemblage, poetically responds to her tension and existential experience of everyday life.

Her use of materials is inspired by a wide range of mundane objects. Using accumulation and fragmentation as making methodologies, her labor-intensive works create a sensory experience for viewers to explore a psyche of alienation and boredom inherent in contemporary life. See more works on her website:

Artist in Residence – Theresa Wilshusen

Theresa Wilshusen is an American, interdisciplinary artist working on a series of projects, in various mediums, as a PhD candidate in Art and Gender at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Theresa’s current, untitled, instant photography project promotes the exploration of identity through cultural, locational, and symbolic aspects found in photos of common, everyday objects to abstract or absurd, and even grotesque, scenes. This work hopes to inspire viewers to look deep within the photos and arrangements for a small sense of identity. Within the collection of photos one may be able to piece together portions of a range of identities to coalesce their own reality of identity.
Personal Website:, Instagram: twilshusen90

Artist in Residence – Pauline Repussard

The plastic art production of Nes short-stay resident Pauline Repussard, is inspired by notions of evolution and entropy. They evoke sand castles with transient atmospheres. Pauline multiplies the elements, organizes them, composes and recomposes these structures from modules. She thinks of her exhibitions as many moving stories, where information is articulated and tied together, weaving rhizomic ties.
Her creations emerge from her fascination with science, literature, architecture and landscape. They are relatable to fictional universes. She builds allusive spaces that shake our perception of the scale and of materiality of the world. Her micro-universes seem to lay at our feet and suspend above our heads, like particles taken from some cosmic sphere.
web site :
tumblr page:

Artist in Residence – Nicole Shaver

Nicole Shaver grew up along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, USA where she skipped rocks and watched fisherman gut salmon as a child.   Largely inspired by geology and the contemporary sublime, her work surrounds ideas of place and belonging using geographical sites as metaphorical compass to catalog experience and explore the potentiality of the space between reality and fantasy.

She recently earned her MFA from the University of Iowa through the Iowa Arts Fellowship.  She has been featured in NPR’s All Things Considered and published in New American Paintings and Studio Visit Magazine.  During her time at NES, she will be installing a public sculpture here in Skagaströnd and researching for a solo exhibition in February at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Check out her website: or follow her on Instagram @nicolejshaver

Writer in Residence – Ian Roy

NES writer-in-residence Ian Roy is a Canadian writer and occasional video/filmmaker. He has published two collections of short stories, a collection of poems, and a collaborative art book called The Longest Winter. His films and videos have screened at festivals across Canada. While at NES, Ian is working on a novel about a boy who can fly.

Artists in Residence – Pernelle Maegaard and Nina Maria Kleivan

Nes short-stay residents Pernelle Maegaard and Nina Maria Kleivan from Denmark, talk about their approach and process for their collaborative work:

“Our works are performative works where the intuitive and unexpected play an important role in the more or less repetitive actions, often in desolate nature and human-like surroundings. We work with identity through ambiguity and with an underlying tone of humor as well as melancholy. We use “gender requisites” and work with identity and gender-specific themes and the interaction between our different expressions.” 


Artist in Residence – Maria Malmberg

Resident artist Maria Malmberg is a multi-disciplinary artist from Kiel, Germany. She works predominantly with the topic of perception—especially human perception—and is particularly interested creating an awareness for the specialities of our senses. She investigates different time-based mediums, such as audio, photography, video, and sculpture, to choose the precise form that will best realise her idea/s.

Air space of property – videostill.


Scent of light I

Artist in Residence – Jesse Keating

Jesse Keating was born in Paterson NJ and lives and works primarily in Brooklyn New York. Coming from a background in fabrication he works with painting, sculpture, video and sound installations. Jesse received a BFA at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and has exhibited his work in France, Germany, Iceland, New York and California. He was a recipient of Silas Rhodes scholarship and has
worked under different artists and engineers, helping design and build anything from buildings to sculptures, film sets, electronic systems, furniture and camera rigs, and high-end furniture. His artwork has been featured on album covers and magazines. His recent solo exhibition “Hidden Driveway” included a new body of work that merges painting and sculpture.



Artist in Residence – Xuewei Jiang

Xuewei Jiang is a painter from Nanjing, China. She received her BFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago and focused on painting and sculpture. Xuewei’s work features the relationship between social influence and self-cognition.

She is currently working on the stretched canvas series, which can be described as two-dimensional or three-dimensional; as flat, shallow, or deep; as open or closed; and as emotion or illusion. The series uses abstract form as body, discusses the distortion and nature of people’s spirit.

Artist in Residence – Carolina Faller Moura

Artist in residence Carolina Faller Moura is a Brazilian writer and artist living in Berlin. She earned her MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received the 2016 MFAW Writing Fellowship Award. Her work is concerned with questions of belonging and displacement — to/from a place, a language, relationships or nature.

While in Iceland, she has become interested in the role of the North in the process of finding oneself, literally (through navigation) and figuratively (as in the words “nortear” and “desnortear”, from the Portuguese).

She is the founder and editor of homonym, an online publication focused on multi-lingual and translation-minded art & writing.