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Current Artist in Residence – Addoley Dzegede

ADDOLEY DZEGEDE is a Ghanaian-American interdisciplinary artist currently based in St Louis, Missouri. Her practice is idea-driven and mixed media, investigating notions of belonging, home, location and identity. Most recently, she has been interested in textile processes and is creating natural dyes from plant materials found in and around Skagaströnd.



Current Artist in Residence – Anne Marie Michaud

ANNE MARIE MICHAUD is a multi-disciplinary, studio artist based in Montreal. Through drawing, painting, sculpture and video, she continually explores themes related to the human body, more specifically investigating the body as a pathway to understanding not only her own identity and life experiences, but also as the primary means to accessing the world outside of ourselves. The principal subject of her research at Nes has been teeth and the parallels that can be drawn between them and the landscape. With local materials, she has used drawing and sculpture as a means to create a dialogue between the idiosyncratic nature of teeth and the topographical and geological aspects of the Skagi Peninsula.




Skagaströnd Review

Dear Artists and Nes Friends,
We are happy to announce to you that the Skagaströnd Review will be made available for you this summer.  It was published in March 2016 by Andrea Weber and is an artist book which retraces via archive photographs and artists productions the history of a small town in Iceland. The project blends historical photos of Skagaströnd with images that represent the artistic history of Nes.
You can place your order online to Andrea Weber with the number of copies you wish to order and don’t forget to include your address. The payment of 35€ will go through PayPal via her email address. It includes the review and the shipping to your country. Please note that the last date your order can be handled is the 28th of July 2016.




Current Artist in Residence – Sandi Anderson

SANDI ANDERSON is here at Nes for 3 months: June – August. She began working out in the landscape in 2009 and it took over her practice in 2010. She frequently battles adverse weather conditions, which dictate an intuitive response on a small scale.


More recently she has been making monotypes. This work is proving more abstract in nature, however it is permeated with the form and colour palette of distilling years. In contrast to her figurative painting, she approaches the plate with an open mind and let’s her subconscious take over. Ink is applied to the plate then disturbed and removed at will. The outcome can never be predicted. The removal of control is addictive and the process is proving an important counterpoint to her painting practice.Website:




Opið hús

June open studio  – Tuesday 28th June 2016, from 17.00-19.00
We meet at the church first to listen to cellist Leanne Zacharias perform at 17.00.  All welcome!


Current Artist in Residence – SIÂN BLISS


SIÂN BLISS is a visual and performance artist, currently a candidate for MFA in Experimental Animation at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Los Angeles, CA. She gained her BA in Acting and Global Theatre Studies in 2013 and has since branched into the realms of animation, fine art and puppetry. She uses vibrant colour to explore the discourse between ‘truth’ and ‘imaginary’. You can see more of Siân’s work at or follow her on tumblr and instagram: @sianbliss ”


Nes Artist’s Blogs

Whilst in residence many artists record their time here via blog diaries/online journals. Check out the Nes Residency from an artists perspective by clicking the linked images below.

Paul Scannell 2019 

Daryl Farmer 2017


Amanda Marsh 2017 


Andrea Kennedy 2016 (Nes Intern from Cazenovia College)


Tova Lund 2016IMG_2345

Ron Linn 2016Ron Linn

Alexandra Elliott 2016Alexandra Elliott

Leah Pantea 2016static1.squarespace

Mary Walters 2016

Siân Bliss 2016

Alyson Jackson, 2016

Ellis O’Connor, 2015

Amy  Tavern, 2013

Anne F Dupuis 2013

Current Artist In Residence – Mary Walters

13435426_1770950436485457_2298454307192421688_nMARY WALTERS talks about what inspires her:
“I find inspiration for my art in landscape. I enjoy the landscape of mountains, where geological time manifests itself through gigantic landforms; the landscape of the edge, where land meets water; and the landscape of memory, an intangible, elusive, yet powerful melting pot of images and ideas. But it is the impermanence of these landscapes which is of paramount interest – rocks which seem solid are constantly engaged in a process of reformation. The relatively insignificant human marks – the rust, the cracks, the scratched graffiti, the distressed surfaces and the torn edges – also contribute to the layered interplay and re-invention. This is the natural cycle of growth, decay and re-birth. I have come to Iceland to experiment and to try to take myself out of my comfort zone – and especially to try to learn to use After Effects, but remaining true to what moves me ”.