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Alumni Achievements

Nes keeps in touch with our past artists and will feature their ongoing creative endeavours here.


2013 Nes artist Juan Pérez La Cruz from Venezuela is interviewed by Mazipos and talks about his ongoing photographic project ‘Private Memory’ which he worked on whilst in residence at Nes.



Notes from Skagaströnd                                                                                                A small collection of two minute compositions made by artist Andrew Weir during his time at the NES Artist Residency in January and February 2016.  All the works are made solely from field recordings taken during the day and then processed, composed, mixed and mastered on the same day.   Click on the image to be taken to the Bandcamp site.

Notes from Skagaströnd. Artwork by Nadiia Rebrova
Notes from Skagaströnd. Artwork by Nadiia Rebrova


Yokohama Museum of Art feature the work of past Nes artist Yu Araki, with his exhibition Temple of the Templet in their  “New Artist Picks (NAP),” an annual exhibition held at the art gallery and Café Ogurayama that showcases young artists with promising careers ahead.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.01.53 PM

More information can be found here .


First album Bleeding Rainbows from sound artist Burke Jam and his electronic project C^VES.   



A line from me to you – Shayna Wells




56th Venice Biennale

We are sending very big congratulations to two of our 2009 Nes artists who are exhibiting at the 56th Venice Biennale.

Sean Lynch is representing Ireland with his work Adventure: Capital, 2014–15. Sean and his partner Michelle Horrigan were both here in 2009 and Michelle is the producer of the artwork for the Pavillion.   You can find out more about the work here.


Alec Von Bargen also here in  2009  is part of the Swatch Faces at the Venice Biennale and exhibiting this  fabulous work ‘Man, Forgotten’ shot while he was here in Iceland.  You can find out more about the work  here.



Drew Krasner started the creative process for this album when he was here at Nes. The scenery and sounds of Skagaströnd have greatly influenced the music. Whilst here he teamed up with another great artist Jérémy Pailler, wonderful illustrator and animator who has created the imagery that is part of this production. Please support their Kickstarter project if you can, as little as $10 will help bring Drew and his team here for an Icelandic tour. Feel free to share this around.…/96796…/iceland-soundscape-trio


Sarah Nance (Nes artist 2013) currently exhibiting ‘the rush of land in my ears’ a site responsive installation at the Peoria Guild gallery. Simply stunning work!

Sarah Nance 1 Sarah Nance 2

Jérémy Pailler has  exhibited at the Lighthouse in Limoges France and some of the works exhibited are those he created here in Skagaströnd.

1463120_1552656621648174_5320839190621474855_n 1484272_1552657558314747_9011494063606157706_n 10423846_1552656691648167_8558760346212440982_n

Former Nes artist, Renata De Bonis who in a house about to be demolished, presents an exhibition in which the building itself is the work on show.

Coletor-Renata-De-Bonis-Suíte-Parte-4-detalhe Coletor-Renata-De-Bonis-Suíte-Vista2

Artist Juan Diego Perez la Cruz exhibited work, at the Museo de artes graficas Luis Chacon (Luis Chacon’s graphic art museum ) in Maracaibo which was created whilst at Nes in November 2013.


Video Artwork

Many of our artists are filmmakers. The Skagaströnd community, and Iceland at large is often featured.

If you want a little idea of Nes from the inside then take a look at this lovely little video created by 2019 artist in residence Paul Scannell.

Musician Julian Doigny captured on camera the work process of artist Sofya Stupenkova when painting a mural in Skagaströnd during her May 2019 residency.

An experimental nature documentary created by 2016 Nes artist Jeff Mertz with narration by another Nes artist Sandi Anderson.  A poetic look at the lifestyles of three Icelandic shorebird species.

2015 Nes Artist/writer/director Markus Schroder created a short documentary film about local Skagaströnd resident Sigurjon Eiriksson and his motorsport hobby of ‘Drifting’.

Filmmaker Jeff Mertz created this lovely visual poem whilst in residence at Nes.

Two artists Jérémy Pailler and Drew Krasner met at Nes, one an illustrator/animator and the other a musician. They collaborated on this film Landakort which was part of a much larger   co-production and CD recording of the Icelandic Soundscape Trio.

Number 4 in the series of Dream State / Wake State by recent Nes artists Dimity Magnus and Steven Aaron Hughes explore runes and the notion of prophecy with our own Skagaströnd Prophetess Dagný Marín Sigmarsdóttir.

Great interview with one of our much loved Nes artists, Yu Araki talking about past projects and his new work – Temple of the Templet, currently on show at the Yokohama Museum of Art.

Thought provoking interview with recent Nes artists Dimity Magnus and Steven Aaron Hughes discussing their experience at Nes, Skagaströnd and Iceland plus their current film series Dream State / Wake State.  More info about the series can be found on their FB page.

Dimity Magnus and Steven Aaron Hughes artists from Western Australia and whilst  in residence at Nes have created a  short film series that reflects on the perception of nature and its influence on the human consciousness shot at pristine locations in Iceland.

Here is #2 in the series DREAM STATE/WAKE STATE

More of the videos can be found here.

Adam Wojcinski performs 24 hour tea ceremony for Hiroshima in Skagaströnd.  More information about the performance can be found here.

Singer songwriter and leader of Teeth and Tongue Jess Cornelius has just premiered  her new song ‘Cupcake’ with video shot whilst here in Skagaströnd at Nes.

Film maker Temujin Doran created this stunning film The Weight Of Mountains during his residency at Nes for TWOM.

The trailer to Lopapeysa a short film by David Scott Kessler.

Another touching video from Emily McAllan on her time at Nes for the Weight of Mountains residency, her feelings are akin to how other artists often feel as they leave here.

Emily McAllan here in 2013/14 for the Weight of Mountains film residency created a beautiful series of film letters whilst here.  There are 10 in the series and you can see more on her website.

Timelapse video of the winter solstice 2014 in Skagaströnd by Nes artist Ryo Yamauchi (Japan).

Artist Jihyun KIM created this poetic film during her stay at Nes in Skagaströnd.

Music video shot in Skagaströnd and created by recent Nes artist David Rusanow (Australia).

Nes Studios

NES operates an open plan shared studio,  located in  the old fish factory. The main area is approximately 16x11metres and is divided into 10-12 spaces.


Nes is currently operating a solo studio space out of the former “Freezer” approximately 8×5.5metres; it is an extremely versatile space. It can be reserved by artists on a daily basis, and also used for exhibitions. It is a particularly good space for projection or light based work (once closed, it’s almost completely dark) as well as brainstorming installations and performances. Artists have used The Freezer for performances, sound installation, sculpture, and meetings.

A modest selection of tools are available in the studio’s storeroom, including a couple of easels, drills, saws, a jigsaw and basic tools like hammers, pliers and screw drivers.  We also have a small room of odds and ends that people have left behind that may be used by all residents. Art materials are best brought with you, however.

In addition to the workspace and storeroom, the Nes studio also has a kitchen, WC, and small library.

2014-11-27 16.02.20

before open studio

2014-11-27 16.47.26

2014-11-27 16.52.05

2014-11-27 17.07.59

Pictured above: The Freezer Space

Kerryn_JiHyun 2014-10-25 15.54.32

Pictured above: The Freezer Space

Each artist is provided with adjustable bench/table, stool, light and shelving.  2014-11-27 16.51.58  2014-11-27 16.26.43


Call for Applications

Nes currently welcomes applications from artists working in various media, as well as from dancers, composers and writers. Applications to Nes Artist Residency are reviewed regularly and may be submitted online at any time for residencies beginning September 2014. The residencies are competitive. It is recommended that applications are submitted well in advance, especially for busier summer months.

Please do not hesitate to contact Nes if you have any questions regarding the application process. Information about how to apply can be found here:

Nes listamiðstöð Skagaströnd auglýsir eftir umsóknum frá listamönnum á hinum ýmsu listasviðum; frá margmiðlunarlistamönnum en einnig frá dönsurum, tónskáldum, rithöfundum o.s.frv. Farið er reglulega yfir umsóknir um dvöl í Nes listamiðstöð og svör gefin eins fljótt og hægt er. Í boði eru dvalarrými frá og með nóvember 2014. Þar sem umsóknir eru fleiri en hægt er að verða við er mælt  með því að þær séu sendar með góðum fyrirvara, sérstaklega hvað varðar sumarmánuðina.

Endilega hafið samband ef einhverjar spurningar vakna í tengslum við umsóknarferlið. Nánari upplýsingar er að finna hér:

Nes nimmt derzeit Bewerbungen für Künstleraufenthalte im Herbst und im Winter entgegen. Wir begrüssen Bewerbungen von KünstlerInnen inklusive den Bereichen Tanz, Komposition und kreatives Schreiben. Derzeit stehen auch letzte Plätze für das Frühjahr und den Sommer zur Verfügung. Für Nachfragen stehen wir gerne jederzeit zur Verfügung. Informationen zum Bewerbungsvorgang finden Sie unter diesem Link.



Icelandic Experiment
Skúlptúrar og málverk
Laugardaginn 21. og sunnudaginn 22. Júní kl. 15-17
Gúttó, Sauðárkrókur

Þrír alþjóðlegir listamenn í listamannadvöl í Nes Listamiðstöð, Skagaströnd halda sameiginlega sýningu til að deila reynslu sinni af norðlægum slóðum.

Aimee Odum er myndhöggvari frá Bandaríkjunum með bakgrunn í leirlist og ástríðu fyrir könnun á þrívíddareiginleikum mismunandi efna . Hún hefur verið í tveggja ára listamannadvöl sem leirlistamaður í Bandaríkjunum og er nú í Mastersnámi í myndlist við Háskólann í Arkansas. Niðurbrot hluta, að fjarlægja þá frá sínu upprunalega hlutverki og endurskapa til fagurfræðilegrar túlkunar er drifkrafturinn í list Odum. Mismunandi form og yfiborð gefa tilvísun í mannlega eiginleika styrks og viðkvæmni. Áhugi á einstökum eiginleikum landslagsins brýst einnig gegnum heildarmynd verka hennar og myndar  samband milli umhverfis og mannlegrar upplifunar. Í dvöl Odum í Nesi hefur hún haldið áfram að kanna hvernig einstaklingar upplifa umhverfi sitt á mismunandi hátt og túlkað rannsóknir sínar gegnum sviðsetningu, afstöðu og uppbyggingu hluta.

Jeremy Pailler hannar sín eigin frásagnakort af Íslandi út frá þeim tilfinningum sem hann upplifði skref fyrir skref á ferð sinni um landið. Seríur hans af blekmálverkum sýna litríka og persónulega könnun hans á landinu. Hann býr í Frakklandi þar sem hann vinnur sem myndskreytari og kvikmyndagerðarmaður.  Þetta er fyrsta sýning hans á Íslandi.

Thany Sanches málar portrett bæði af íbúum Skagastrandar og vinum sínum fá Sao Paulo. Hún hefur málað nánustu vini sína úr fjarlægð með hjálp tækninnar og samkiptamiðla eins og Skype. Íbúar Skagastrandar, ókunnugir Sanches, voru málaðir á staðnum, augliti til auglitis með það í huga að kanna með málverkaröðinni fjarlægð og einangrun í mannlegum samskiptum. Thany Sanches er fædd árið 1986 í Sao Paulo, þar sem hún býr og starfar.

Námskeið: Aðferðir og tækni í vatnslitamálun

Kennari: Jérémy Pailler
Verð: Frítt
Tímalengd: 3 klst
Hámarksfjöldi þáttakenda: 5
Tímasetning: Laugardagur 14. Júní kl. 13.00-16.00
Staðsetning: Gúttó, SauðárkrókiJérémy Paller er með diploma í Sjónrænum samskiptum (Visual Communication), meistaragráðu í Teiknimyndagerð (Animated Features Practices) og vinnur nú að Doktorsgráðu þar sem hann rannsakar frásagnaraðferðir mynda og kvikmynda. Hann vinnur sjálfstætt sem listamaður, grafískur hönnuður og kvikmyndagerðarmaður í heimaborg sinni, Limoge í Frakklandi, þar sem hann hefur haldið nokkrar sýningar á verkum sínum. Fyrsta stutta teiknimyndin hans er sýnd á ýmsum kvikmyndahátíðum vítt og breitt um heiminn. Fókusinn í verkum Jérémy er að segja sögur í gegnum sköpun sína. Frekari upplýsingar um listamanninn má finna á vefslóðinni:

Námskeið: Að skilja aðferðir og tækni í vatnslitamálun og móta sína persónulegu aðferð við notkun vatnslita. Námskeiðið er í tveimur hlutum; kenningar og verklegar æfingar. Þáttakendur munu skoða hreyfingu ljóss, hlutverk litanna auk uppbyggingar málverksins.

Þáttakendur þurfa að hafa með sér
• Úrval af vatnslitapappír
• auk þess ýmiskonar annan pappír til að prófa möguleikana
• Vatnsliti og/eða litað blek
• Útval af mismunandi penslum, aðallega hringlaga pensla, í ýmsum stærðum
• Krukku fyrir vatn
• Hreinar tuskur
• Nóg af hreinu þerriefni (þurrkum, eldhúsbréfi eða þ.h. )
• Málningateip

Námskeiðið mun fara fram á ensku
Skráning á námskeiðið sendist á með uppl. um nafn og símanr. Einnig má hringja í síma 6987937, Erla Einars.