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Artist in Residence – Rebecca Howard

Having initially trained as an illustrator at Falmouth University,
Cornwall in 2004, Rebecca Howard has worked as both an illustrator and Artist for publishers, galleries and individuals since. Commissioned through galleries, her work has sold into private collections across the breadth of the UK and America.

Her work is inspired by the bold naïve painters of the Cornish
collectives, where she studied. Rebecca creates images that are
memories of places, part imagined, part remembered.

The paintings always include expanded views of places which can’t be replicated by taking a photograph.  Rebecca loves colour and always aim to create pieces to improve the viewers mood.              

Musician in Residence – Hannes Giger

Hannes Giger ‘s current compositions in process are for a double bass solo.  Giger is working on double bass techniques weaving percussive elements into the more traditional way of playing.

Giger is collaborating, long distance with a hang drummer and short distance with local or NES artists.

Remaining time will be spent researching stories of local music in Skagaströnd and on installation, processing recent events through found objects, text and color lines.


Artist in Residence – Robyn Jordaan

Robyn Jordaan, is a New Zealand based performance artist,
dancer and film-maker.  She works with dance, sculpture and film to offer up a visceral array of concept exploration, including body somatics and absurdist theatre.

Driven by contemporary literature; creating comedic-horror type unstructured narratives, contrasting starkly with our current regime – a technocratic society where human nature seamlessly follows a prescribed outline. Whilst at Nes  in Skagaströnd Jordaan will Look at themes around climate, grief and  universal language, and hopes for her performances to be temporal but experientially permanent.
Instagram: _ofeathers_

Artist in Residence – Maggie Kniffen

Maggie Kniffin is a Vermont based interdisciplinary artist, with a strong focus in hand-embroidery on fabric. The natural beauty of the Green Mountain State provides endless inspiration for Maggie, who has grown up with a love of wildlife, folklore and environmentalism.
Maggie’s current embroidery pieces focus on the visions that float around her head, as she plays between reality and dreams.
As a guiding theme, Maggie is consistently discovering the power & magic that the natural world carries.
Website: Instagram: @maggiethebear

Writer in Residence – Nick Atkins

Nick Atkins is an Australian playwright and theatre maker. He has worked across dramatic and contemporary performance forms consistently picking away at themes of mythology, Queer identify and collectivism.

While at Nes, Nick is working on a draft of a new play. His new work follows the story of two couples as they become implicated in the sudden and unexpected death of a man with seemingly no friends or family. Their efforts will entangle one another in a conflict that considers how far we will we compromise our ethics in order to leave behind a legacy.

Artist in Residence – Paul Scannell

Paul Scannell is a London based photographer, enchanted by forgotten spaces and moody Northern landscapes.  He spent 3 months on an artist’s residency in Eastern Alaska and has exhibited his work in Dublin and London.

He is in Iceland to develop his writing skills, enjoy the colours and breathe the icy winter air.  See below examples of his video and photographic work created whilst AIR at Nes.

You can follow his journey at:

Artist in Residence – Lauren Bickerdike

Lauren Bickerdike is an Irish artist whose practice primarily centers around sound through the context of location.

Her work focuses on the influence sound has in presenting accurate depictions of urban and rural societies developing from field recordings taken and documented throughout Europe and Africa.

During her time in Iceland, Lauren is looking into the effects tourism has in contributing to noise pollution and altering the acoustics of natural environments.


Artist in Residence – Kathryn Naylor

Kathryn Naylor, a painter from Canada, often seeks to express the changes of season and weather in her work.  Previous visits to Iceland have influenced her painting, and this residency draws her imagination to the colours of winter and the interdependence of darkness and light.

‘There are always lessons, and turning points: the surprise of recognizing everything you wanted to express in just a few strokes of colour.  Following that path, and finding that “simplicity” is not so.
Learning what not to do.’