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Artist in Residence – Ariane Monds

Ariane Monds is a multidisciplinary visual artist exploring themes of physical and mental health.

Using materials such as nitrile gloves, hospital gowns, medication packaging and medication itself, she aims to challenge societal norms associated with the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions, as well as the over dependance of modern society on prescription medications.

Originally from the Isle of Man and recently graduating with a BA in Fine Art in London, she is using her time in Iceland to further expand her body of work.
IG @artbyariane_

Artist in Residence – Danielle Gallieti

Danielle Galietti is a visual artist (MFA) and a USFSA gold medal figure skater. She explores the intersection between a movement practice and visual art.

She works with the documentation of movement patterns and translations, somatic printmaking and inquiries into limitations of the body within the boundaries of a given space.

Her time in Iceland has been contributed to the collaborative duo The bull and arrow. Alongside musician Matthew Runciman they have been working on an interdisciplinary translation of their traditional practices.

Artist in Residence – Laura Ojeda Bär

Laura Ojeda Bär is our first exchange artist with Marco Arte Foco in La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here last month (Feb) for a winter residency, Laura describes how she approaches her practice.

I find life overwhelming, either labyrinthine, too much responsibility, or has no sense at all.  Like the Rosetta stone, mysterious and seductive, and oh so beautifully complex.

An alternative wandering path, sometimes going parallel sometimes crushing into it, that’s art. The two unyieldingly intertwined. As such, the entire practice of painting for me is a way to be part of the collective experience, living by non standardized rhythms, pauses and frantic races.

On the one hand, I focus on everyday events to draw substance from; on the other, I’m interested in the issues of representation thought through the link between painting and photography (and how it changed the way we look at the world).


Artist in Residence – Matthew Runciman

Matthew Runciman is a Canadian troubadour, musician and songwriter based out of the United States. He has been in Iceland for four months working as part of a collaborative duo known as The bull and arrow with Artist Danielle Galietti.

They will continue their interdisciplinary works where they practice the act of translation of their art forms as their “first languages” through performance, installation and visual arts.

Matthew has been working with Open Tuning in 432hz inspired by the natural frequency of the universe, the solfeggio frequency.

Artist in Residence – Isabella Hin

Isabella Hin, from Paris, France, works on the ever-changing transformative qualities of water and the parallel such changes have with the human psychological-emotional condition.

During her stay, she intends to highlight the notion of escapism induced by the surrounding water in Iceland: pools, hot-springs and the ocean, through photography and video-making.
instagram : isabella.hin


Artist in Residence – Anna Teiche

Anna Teiche is a US based painter and fiber artist, interested in the relationship between fabrics, patterns, and identity, manifested both individually and culturally.

Mainly working in large-scale oil painting, Teiche’s work centers around explorations of figures wrapped in fabrics and abstracted through use of vivid color, light, and pattern.

A graduate of the BFA Art & Design program at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California, Teiche has recently relocated to Seattle, Washington, her hometown. While at Nes she plans to further explore textile and pattern within the context of Icelandic culture.
Instagram: @annateiche

Artist in Residence – Daniel Orlando Lara

Daniel Orlando Lara (Tula Tamaulipas, Mexico) is interested in approaching photography in several ways; working with stories, myths and legends, oral tradition and making images related to this subject, as well as dreams, intuition.

Based in Mexico, Daniel studied at Centro de la imagen in Mexico City 2010 and also at the National School of Photography in Arles, France as a resident student (2007). He participated in Picture Berlin Program 2011 and Atelier Smedsby with JH Engstrom 2012-2013, Paris.

He was a selected artist to participate in the artistic residency ‘How to flatten a mountain’, and presented his work at the Photo Ireland 2018 festival in Dublin, Ireland. Daniel was a finalist photographer at the Fest Foto 2018, Porto Alegre festival competition.


For more information on his work see the links below.

Writer in Residence – Vanessa Fabiano

Born in Switzerland of Italian-Spanish parents, Vanessa has worked and lived in the US, Europe and China. A former digital marketer turned fiction writer, Vanessa is using her time at the NES residency to finish writing her second novel. Currently in draft mode, the story is set in the paranoid world of a Soviet ballet company ca. 1960 with temporal excursions into imperial Russia and Stalin-era Kazakhstan. To read some excerpts from this and other work, visit  Instagram: vanessarubriafabiano

Vanessa is represented by Marion Duvert at the Clegg Agency in NYC.