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As a Nes resident, artists sometimes have the opportunity to design and teach creative workshops within the community and at the local schools. Below you can see some of the workshops that Nes artists have presented.

Nes Artist in residence from the UK, Rhona Taylor visited FNV in March 2017 for a workshop and presentation.  The workshop explored what makes an artwork an installation, with participants looking at and discussing work by different international artists. They then looked at an exhibition held in an old Victorian prison that Rhona had been involved in, and the workshop participants all designed their own cell-sized installations, with some really exciting results. They then looked at how they could use the space around them to create a three-dimensional drawing installation in the workshop classroom.











In November 2016 students from FNV visited Vicki O’Shea’s studio in Sauðárkrókur and participated in a hands on monoprinting workshop.

IMG_4453Vicki  explaining what is a monoprint and showing a few examples.IMG_4459Easiest way to develop an understanding of the process is to have a go!IMG_4463Inked plates ready for the drawing process.IMG_4457Once the students were happy with their images they roll the plate through the press, picking up the image they created from the plate and transferring it to paper.

IMG_4466And then admire the results!


Claire Paugam artist in residence at NES and Alexandra Litaker artist and instructor at the College of Northwest Iceland collaborated on the creation of two workshops in 2016 for students of visual art in the Department of New Visions in Technology and Creativity.  The workshops were held over the course of one week and engaged with photography and its relation to sutainability and perspective as part of the class curriculum in visual art. This collaboration was enriching as it provided the artists and students with the opportunity to share insights into photography to have a dialogue about how to read an image.



How do I make it last? The aim of the first workshop was to look at sustainability thru the question “How do I make it last?” Together with the students we analysed a wide range of photographs from artists whose work deals with the question “How do I make it?” Among the artists included were Sophie Calle, Edward Ruscha, and Roni Horn. The aim of this first session was to actively practice observation and to discuss with the students the way the composition of the photographs relates to their meaning. The students then had the assignment to answer the question through their own photographic project. The results were later presented and discussed. The students also remade one of the photographs presented in order to better understand the subtleties of composition and meaning making.IMG_4494IMG_4473

How do you see me? The second workshop engaged the question How do you see me? We looked at photographers such as Richard Avedon, Cindy Sherman, and Murimora and discussed how perspective relates to composition and meaning making. The students were given the assignment of answering the question “How do you see me?” through a series of photographs that should be in some way portraits. The students also remade one of the photographs presented in order to better understand the subtleties of composition and meaning making.


Claire also revisited the class in January 2017

For the Portfolio Class Claire used her background in graphic design to present a lecture on Portfolio design in which she examined all aspects of layout and typeface.  For her second visit  she and I  collaborated on a project  to engage the students in the theme “Where am I from”  that will be a part of their final work for Portfolio.

In the class Three Dimensional Art and Design, Claire and I collaborated to create a class investigating how artists work with different materials and approaches to create sculpture.  This class centered around in depth discussion and examination of contemporary sculpture.

It was a great experience for the students to have Claire return to the classroom this semester.  It gave them a sense of continuity and expanded their sense of the classroom to include other spaces in a similar way to what they will be doing in their projects.

Sarah Cowan (Canada) visual artist who specialises in paper sculpture presented a paper cutting workshop.




Ana Armengod (Mexico) presented the Gifted Egg Project to FNV students for a special weekend workshop. Ana explains  that The Gifted Egg Project ” consists of me making really detailed and time consuming pointillism drawings on eggshells and I give them as a gift, then I ask the person to break them, in front of me and I document their reactions, they never want to break the eggs, they are overcome with emotions, anxiety of breaking something I worked so hard on, and then wanting to keep it. It’s an exercise in letting go, and making things about experience and not possessions”.






Penny Bovell renowned artist/painter from Western Australia presented the workshop Inventing and Translating Colour to  FNV students and discussed the question how can colour theory help an artist or designer?





Wind Flower workshop presented to FNV students and local community by Japanese artist Masumi Yamauchi at our February Open studio event.



Nes artists Outi Kallio (Finland), Brian Cheung (Australia) and Charal Hatfield (USA) presented a 3 hr drawing and 3D paper sculpture workshop to the students in the unit  Sjónlist 1-Introduction to Visual Art -drawing at FNV.

019Group Elinborg

017 Sara  029 Brian and Silja

031Charal and Rebekka

032Að klippa

036Að búa til

búa til skulptor


Japanese papermaking – Japönsk pappírsgerð

In December last year we had the privilege to host Tatiana Ginsberg here at Nes. She is papermaker and specializes in traditional Japanese papermaking. She taught a short course where we got to learn how to make really thin and beautiful paper. Here below you can see a video that Joseph Marhl made.

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Listnám fyrir krakka

Á mánudaginn næstkomandi mun hefjast spennandi námskeið fyrir alla krakka á aldrinum 8 til 14 ára. Námskeiðið fer þannig fram að krakkarnir mæta í klukkutíma á hverjum mánudegi og vinna að verkefnum undir leiðsögn listamannana sem dvelja hjá okkur hverju sinni.

3. 4. og 5. bekkur mætir beint eftir skóla klukkan 14

6. 7. og 8. bekkur mætir beint eftir skóla klukkan 15

Við hvetjum alla krakka til að mæta og taka vini sína með. Þetta er kjörið tækifæri til að virkja sköpunargáfuna og æfa sig í ensku á sama tíma.

English summary:
Next Monday there will start a after school art program at Nes for kids age 8 to 14. The artists that stay at Nes will teach the kids and help them for an hour each week.

Námskeið í að nota listsköpun sem slökunaraðferð

Jurate Preiksiene frá Litháen ætlar að bjóða upp á ókeypis námskeið laugardaginn 6.mars frá klukkan 14 til 16 í Nesi listamiðstöð.

Hvernig má slaka á með listsköpun: Kennt verður hvernig má slaka með því að gera einfaldar æfingar með pensli eða blýanti. Þetta snýst ekki um listsköpun sem slíka heldur að finna samhljóm með sjálfum sér og litunum og línunum.
Þið þurfið að koma með pappír, vatnsliti, pensil og blýanta.
Námskeiðið tekur um 2 tíma.

Jurate Preiksiene from Lithuania is going give a art therapy lesson tomorrow the 6th of March from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Nes studios.

Relaxing things you can find in art: How to enjoy making simple drawing and painting exercizes, how to find yourself in line or color, how to compose drawing elements on paper and minds in yourself.
Art therapy is not about making art but is harmony with yourself, with oneself.
You will need paper, water colors, brush, pencils and etc.
Duration of lesson about 2 hours.