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Writer in Residence – Lucie Mandeville

Lucie Mandeville is a psychologist, author, speaker and media columnist. She has been a member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec for 25 years. She is a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Sherbrooke and teaches humanistic and positive psychotherapy, also for 25 years. She is recognized as the leading specialist in positive psychology in Quebec. She is the author of the best-selling book The Extraordinary Happiness of Ordinary People. Positive psychology for all, Éditions de l’Homme. Another book was published in 2012: Be happy, effortless, painless and without breaking your head. She also published an academic book Learning Differently. Why and how, at the University of Quebec Press. Her latest book Sick and … happy? Eight attitudes that have transformed lives (and that could change yours) appeared in 2014.


Artist in Residence – Rachel Eng

What wonders and curiosities are lost with our changing environment?  How is our creativity affected as we assert control on our landscape and develop wild spaces? Will our current geography become something we only remember to share with the future? I am interested in the phenomenal aspects of the natural world and our current climate situation.  Using different materials, some with inherent meaning and others transformed, my work questions our human curiosity, empathy, and potential for change.                  Website:






Artist in Residence – Richard Young

Richard Young’s new body of work completed at NES, explores imagery based on geological aspects of Iceland including the mid-Atlantic ridge and draws a parallel to the process of grief and recovery. During the residency he also traveled to various sites in northern Iceland including Myvatn and Jokulsarglufur (Vatnajokull) National Park in Asbyrgi to document the subglacial eruptive ridge. He is experimenting with the use of water-based oil painting and collage processes on a variety of paper and wood supports.

His previous research examined 19th century American landscape painting and the sublime. He is currently professor of painting at Boise State University in the northwestern United States.





Artist in Residence – Andrea Revesz

‘During my time at NES I have produced BREYTINGAR mudances, a video art project that investigates processes of change related to cultural-geographical environments and corporeal experiences.

The project shows an itinerary through different days that has been built by creating formal and conceptual bounds between spaces and their history, and improvised performances.

In these performances I explore the gesture as a means to embody the experience of change, the experience of inhabiting the space and inhabiting the body.    www.andrearevesz.comandrea revesz 01 andrea revesz 02

Artist in Residence – Georgia Hill

Georgia Hill is an Australian artist, specialising in type based artworks that combine bold, black and white textures and lettering within experimental compositions.

Georgia Hill Wonderwalls Port Adelaide

Over the last three years, Hill’s experience travelling and creating large scale mural works in various communities have come to inform an exploration not just of personal reflection, but also how structures and our natural environments are home to and vital in allowing these experiences to develop from one physical context to another.

This is a concept Hill will be developing further in her time in Skagaströnd by exploring structures and natural surrounds and learning about the town’s history and personal stories.

Georgia Hill I Still Feel The Same

Georgia Hill I Think About This All The Time

Georgia Hill The Wanderers Final Artwork Mural Think Of Me


Artist in Residence – Iwona Knorr

Iwona Knorr is a photographer based in Germany. She works mainly on long term projects exploring the human condition. Her prominent and internationally recognised project about the fishermen on the Rugen Island in Germany was published as a photobook in 2014. During her stay in Skagaströnd she explores the background of the intimate tie between Icelanders and their natural environment. She states: “While taking portraits of genuine Icelanders I sensed a kind of a mystical aura around them. They spoke about lights they have seen in the nearby cliffs and people like us living there. They are supposed to be stones during the day and become alive after sunset. At twilight I approached the cliffs deliberately and cautious watching for humanlike signs. I believe I have seen some of them.”




Artist in Residence – Marian Reid

Marian Reid is a writer who works globally with communities to tell stories. Her creative work is informed by place, people and culture.She is interested in tracing traditional practices in modern times, curious about the past life of buildings in strange places, and always seeking stories that shape the identity of a community. At NES, she has been working on a series of poems and short


ARTIST IN RESIDENCE – Oliver Hutchison

Oliver Hutchison is engaged in an exploration of the interconnectedness of the human and nonhuman and the relationship between human activity, ecology, time and space. Working across a deliberately diverse set of media incorporating photography, video, sculpture, sound and interactive machine making he creates works which aim to break down and invert the distinctions between artist, artwork and audience.

The unpredictability that arises from the complexity of human relations with the nonhuman is central to Oliver’s investigations and by outsourcing his hand into the unpredictable activities of living organisms, the environment and technological processes Oliver is directly engaged with chance as a means to undermine the notion of human self-sufficiency and moral self-determination.