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ARTIST IN RESIDENCE – Tuija Hyytiäinen

I’m Tuija Hyytiäinen, originally from Finland. I live and work in Hamburg, Germany.  I have always been into nature, I love to walk in the forest, on the mountains and swim in the sea. Against that, my artistic work has always been very conceptual. I have been part of an artist group that has made performances and taken political actions. I use my photos for collages and serigraphy prints.

The images below are photos of my work: Glacial Erratics / Hiidenkivet (2016-19) 

Since traveling to the Finnish Lapland in 2016, I have been doing and seeing my artwork differently. In the endless forest of Lapland I discovered magnificent big stones, which could have been ritual places in ancient times.

Since traveling to the Finnish Lapland in 2016, I have been doing and seeing my artwork differently. In the endless forest of Lapland I discovered magnificent big stones, which could have been ritual places in ancient times.

My work changed completely then. Now I see making art as a maybe antagonistic ritual in the digital age. Now I’m painting and drawing mostly rounded shapes. They could be seen as a stone, big or small, or as a cave, as a hut or something very different. It depends on the viewers experience and their imagination.

I am very excited about being in Iceland, because it has a similar culture to these ancient sites.

Artist in Residence – Daniel Barclay

During the month of October, NES artist in residence Daniel Barclay (Lima, 1972), will be working a project reflecting on the contrast between the real and the virtual in a post-truth world.

The landscape of Skagastrond and Iceland will serve as a context for a series of juxtapozed painted images. Daniel lives in São Paulo and works between São Paulo and Lima.
Instagram                                                                                               @dbarclay001


Artist in Residence – Alia Malley

Alia Malley is at NES with collaborator, editor Noah Herzog to complete post production on her video project, the Logic of Events.

Started on her Arctic Circle residency, the 3-channel projection installation continues her work based on the roles and expectations of landscape, representation, human geography, technology, and the instability of the power structures inherent within those relationships.


Writer in Residence – Grace Wilentz

Grace Wilentz’s poems have appeared in Irish, British and American journals including Poetry Ireland Review, Magma, The Harvard Advocate, the American Poetry Journal and The Irish Times.   

Recently, one of her poems was displayed on an artistic banner unfurled on the facade of the Abbey, Ireland’s national theatre. She is the recipient of two Arts Council awards, including the literature bursary.

Her debut pamphlet, Holding Distance (Green Bottle Press, 2019) will be launched at the Poetry Society in London in October 2019. She is currently at Nes working on her next book of poems.

You can find out more about Grace and her work at or find a copy of Holding Distance here or read some of her poems here


Debbi Kenote is a Brooklyn based artist and curator, in New York City. She received her MFA from Brooklyn College in 2016. Since then her work has been exhibited in group shows in the United States and Internationally.

In March 2019 Kenote had first solo show “Eyes Like Caves” at The Canvas By Querencia Studio in Brooklyn, New York. In August 2018 she completed a residency at the Vermont Studio Center in Vermont.


Carol Hodder, is a self taught Irish painter who has exhibited throughout Ireland and was an invited artist to Beijing, China in 2007. She is a fellow of the Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Co. Mayo, and was the recipient of the Republic of Ireland Award at NOA, Royal College of Art, London, 2015.  She is represented by Solomon Fine Art, Dublin (

“I came  to Nes, to experience a  remote portion of the landscape of Iceland. I was aware that the weather changes constantly and this effects the light and the atmosphere and with that an ongoing and changing perception of place.

Both light and place affect my process.  The works evolve and change as the days go, which is why being rooted in one place for a period of time is so important.   I use paint to record an experiential response to the given time.”


Jackie Neon is a mixed media conceptual artist and sound artist. In
order to execute her conceptual work, she embraces a variety of
mediums, techniques, and tools. Identity, perception, and duality are
key themes throughout her work.

Sonically she is inspired by psychoacoustics and how we translate what we hear. She aims to create work that people can engage with, regardless of background, culture or education.

Jackie is a native New Yorker who comes from a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural family and loves to travel.


Instagram: @jackieneonart
Websites: (art) (design)

Artist in Residence – Kim Goldsmith

Kim V. Goldsmith is at Nes for two months.

“I’m a digital media and installation artist and producer from inland
New South Wales, Australia. Birds have been central to my work for many  years, as indicator species for the health of the environment. You’ll find my current work and projects at the Facebook Page, Goldsmith’s Studio, and on various other social channels.

During my time at Nes, I’m working on the second part of a major
project looking at presenting the landscapes of rural and remote
Australia and Iceland from the perspective of corvids (in particular,
ravens and crows). I’ve spent the last 18 months studying corvids and recording wide-angle and virtual reality video, and sounds, across regional NSW.

I’ll be doing likewise over two months while based at Skagaströnd. The resulting large-scale video and sound installation (including a VR experience) will be shown at the Western Plains Cultural
Centre in Dubbo, NSW in December.”

The project is documented in detail at


Artist in Residence – Louise Molesworth

Lou Molesworth is an artist based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

Her multidisciplinary practice focuses on themes of trauma, vulnerability, grief and empathy.  She has used her time at Nes to pursue these themes through the lens of the esoteric and the liminal.

Skagaströnd and Iceland have provided a safe environment to begin accepting her love of spirituality and to weave it into her work. Doorways have opened.