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Artist in Residence – Karli Campitelli

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Karli Campitelli is an abstract painter and recent BFA graduate from Ottawa, Canada. Her work explores the relationships of colour through abstract forms using carefully chosen colour palettes to create blurred landscapes that give a sense of reflection. Certain colour combinations are employed to evoke emotion or personal association in the viewer. Her process consists of brushwork, scraping, wood burning, and carving. This is meant to create depth, causing engaging juxtapositions of varying opacity, transparency, and saturation. The result is an abstracted scene with an atmospheric quality and a centrality on colour. She is strongly influenced by nature, colour theory, and the Abstract Expressionism movement.



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Artist in Residence – Amber Brandsma

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Amber Brandsma is a Rotterdam based fashion designer and in 2012 she launched the fashion label Nieuwe Meuk, in cooperation with spatial designer Els Kuijt. The already existing archive of clothing-designs and patterns, are the inspiration for Nieuwe Meuk and they use them as a library for the Nieuwe Meuk items.
At NES Artist Residency Amber is focused on the research about how she can make a contribution to the rethinking of fashion, by approaching it from a philosophical and literary perspective. The main questions are; What is left, if you remove the image in fashion? Which kind of interpretations and translations will be made? Amber hopes that this research, once completed in written word, will open up new forms and explorations for her designs.
More information can be found on Amber’s  website.




Photography by: Mathijs Labadie

Artist in Residence – Bianca Hylwa

September artist BIANCA HYLWA talks about her background and work:  “I am a interdisciplinary artist who has recently taken a focus on a video collage. I was born in the east of Canada and was raised in the west. I graduated last year from a BFA in painting and drawing from Concordia University. I have been going on a residency binge for the last couple of months, I was in Indiana at Taleamor Park and after this I will go to one in Budapest- L Open Studios- what a privilege!


I have been making video collages which arrange a lot of different kinds of footage, from documentation to performance and digital drawing. In doing so I create a democracy between everything: from books to sheep, from ice cream to lines, from feet to eyeballs. My aim is to emphasis the character of different things and realize their inherent individual and collective vibrant energies. In the end the collection will hopefully turn into a living, throbbing and pulsating organism in video form.”



Artist in Residence – Claire Paugam

Resident artist  CLAIRE PAUGAM describes her work-
“When I look at a stone, a visual analogy occurs, I see similarities with the texture of flesh, raw flesh. I can’t explain it, it just happens. I recognize an in-between texture. This is how I placed flesh in the landscape, precisely at the top of the Eldfell volcano in Iceland. The resemblance becomes clearer, and at the same time it becomes difficult to distinguish the two materials, they tend to merge together. My favorite definition of analogy is by Michel Foucault, it is: “… a tension never calmed between the two sides of an abyssal valley”, which provides “ a wonderful fight of resemblances “. By transgressing differences, being able to extrapolate, I find a coherency. The body as a landscape and the landscape as a body.”
More information can be found on her website.

14333103_1811057385808095_5183976119073675352_n Image title: Attempting the Embrace number .25. 2015



Artist in Residence – Ryan Strasser

September ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Ryan Strasser – “My work reflects the absurdity of what is projected onto the notion of being feminine by the void of femininity. My process involves distortions that establish distance from the intent of the source material. These changes take a vapid idea of femininity and impose the probing question “Is this feminine?”.
Please see Ryan’s website for more of his works!
http://www.ryanstrasser.com14292403_1809654869281680_5353291141239689143_nTitle: How’s everything?, How are things?, or How’s life?
Medium: oil on bed linen. Dimensions: 46×48

Artist in Residence – Suilma Rodriguez

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Suilma Rodriguez is an actor and filmmaker from Los Angeles.
“I approach acting in a very collaborative way and enjoy the intellectual pre-work that brings complex characters to life. As an editor I like the feeling of using my hands to craft a story.”
At NES she’s enjoying the dynamic climate and stress free life to focus on writing.
Check out her demo reels and more at and
Photo below: Suilma plays “Julie” in the upcoming film @ThePerfectHost set in Arkansas, 1970’s. Photo credit: Jesus Murillo


NES Listamiðstöð / Skagginn 2016

This weekend is jam packed !
Our artists share Sound and Music at Einbúastíg 2 (kaffistofunni),  Photography and Poetry at Árnes, a Solo Exhibition at Bjarmanes and of course our regular Nes studio space will be open too. 
Come and view our (probably the last month of summer) works! 🙂 


Current Artist in Residence – Kimberly Anderson Ritchie

Resident artist KIMBERLY ANDERSON RITCHIE is an artist and teacher. She is the Printmaking Coordinator and Assistant Professor at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire. While in Iceland, Kimberley has been focusing on a body of work about the effects of climate change on local sea level rise, glacial retreat, and the impact of Icelandic algae. Select work created during the residency will be exhibited at the Museum of the White Mountains in New Hampshire in Spring 2017.  See more of her work at and her blog: