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Artist in Residence – Nora Fuchs

“My “private challenge” is simply to take a bath in the North Sea every day.  The temperature is about 11 degrees, which is not so shocking. The bath can mean pure joy of life or cost real overcoming.  Ten seconds to run into the sea, the camera takes three pictures of it. A game of chance, a few props are added little by little. 
As the weeks go by, it becomes more and more important to observe the weather and the changes in the sea. Short shots of the movement of the waves come to the fore.”
Nora Fuchs is a german sculptor and professor for threedimensional art at the University of Applied Sciences and Art in Dortmund. She works often site-specifically. Her themes are territories and borders, systems of order or, for example, the question of what one owns as an Alien Element in one’s household. Her last work was a performative sculpture with flotation toys in public space, Berlin 2020.

Artist in Residence – Leyla Cehan Sebuncuoglu

My practice is multi-disciplinary, circling around sound, performance, video and painting. I am interested in interwoven realities, dreamscapes, altered mental states and the seeking of the self.

This is my first residency and I am enjoying a lot the small-town feeling and what the scenery has to offer for creating alienating visuals, such as boiling an egg in-front of an old house, wild horses, territorial krías.

I mainly use myself as a subject and also had the chance to collaborate with other wonderful artists as well as locals in photography and video projects involving movement.

I take in the scenery and its colors and it also reflects into my painting practice which is non-figurative for the most part. Overall, I feel my practice growing with the collaborative spirit and the inspiring atmosphere.

Artists in Residence – Karni Arieli & Saul Freed

Karni and Saul – Directing duo.

Make mixed media work, animation and live action.

They call casual fantasy.

Based in Bristol UK, they make music videos commercials, films stills and everything in between.

Currently they are working on a natural history fantasy film for bfi called – wild summon. Loosely based on the life cycle of the salmon. Filming much of the footage in Iceland at NES residency.

Karni also creates dance films and stills. Infused with fantasy.

You can see more work at
Or @karni_and_saul


I had a clear intention for my time at NES—and was surprised by the opposite direction my work took this summer. New synapsis in my brain seemed to happen. New forms of expression. I am a PhD researcher and writer @Aberystwyth University in Wales, and former Fulbright Fellow in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I stepped away from my academic work in literature this summer to focus on a new project. I created The Foss and Moss Puppet Theatre to support the epic absurdist poem I have started writing. I cultivated stanzas by utilizing textiles from the natural world, such as Icelandic wool roving, to create individual characters who represent surrealist ideas about what it is to exist as a human in a meaningless/meaningful world. Through this practice as research and the use of interdisciplinary modes of expression, I was able to generate new creative impulses in my writing. The intense natural environment of Iceland, the mountains, sea, wind, arctic terns, sheep, unseen elemental beings, and the opposing force—the human being—was fertile ground for a delve into existential questions for my Puppet Theatre of the Absurd Poetry Project. I also began to read and study the fiction of Icelandic writer, Sjón, who inspired me immensely, as well as the poems of Gerður Kristný. I have been deeply moved by the imaginative landscape, both in Icelandic literature, as well as out the door on foot, miles and miles of wide expanse. 

Rehearsal performance with soprano Kelley McKenna and pianist Galina Dimova-Georgieva

Side event: I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow artists for one week on a concert, where, besides reading from my book, Firewalking, I performed two pieces musical theatre pieces—one dramatic, one joyful. I was trained as a soprano and performed for many years but had not done so in more than almost two decades. So, I was thrilled to work together, especially with Galina Dimova Georgieva, the gorgeous classical pianist and composer from Cyprus.


I have spent several years drawing realistic portraits and nature landscapes. A˛n initial stage of watercolors of buildings and historic cities, was followed by depictions of dancers. As always fascinated by the sea and the underwater animals, I painted the waves, the skies, the Mediterranean posidonias, … trying to reflect the sentiment of freedom and peace, mindfulness and connection with nature that I experiment: obsessed by the light and captivated by the liquidity and instantaneousness of the watercolour.  

Many other more abstract-conceptual works and installations about climate change, renewable energy, scarcity of resources and the subconscious, the relation human/nature/ and the women perspective are presented in the last few years, after my stays in Madrid, Paris, Singapore, London, Luxembourg and Denmark. The plan is after a last stay in Tenerife, and Tarragona, head north close to the Artic in Iceland, and then arrive to Australia, in a long journey to explore the connections between humans and climate change, with the aim of closing the loop, linking places that have to do a lot with water and environment, a journey that started many years ago. I don´t pretend to copy or repeat the landscape (nature, environmental problems…) that I am seeing. I rather focus on a concept, idea, impression.  More info can be found at

During my stay in Iceland, I understood that outdoors painting was going to be a major source of my research, because if I am looking for connections and comprehend changes nothing better than to experiment first hand.  I was trapped by the gigantic event of the volcano eruption.

Intrigued by other specific characteristerics of the Island, 6 series have been developed. And I have been investigating if/how climate change is affecting Icelandic horses.  Is nature trying to say something to us? These beautiful horses seem to be the ultimate connection between humans and nature, wildlife. 

Another series about the particular amazing colours of Iceland has been done. More info here:  


I’m a dutch novelist and poet. The novel I published in 2014, As a tiger, as a snake, is told by a poem. In Skagaströnd I worked on a novel about a dutch sailor who’s buried in the Arctic in the 16th century and who’s now, while the permafrost is melting, waking up.  The image is of the cover of a book that will be published in September, about my morning talks with a crow.

Artist in Residence – Yiannos Economou

Iceland for me is one of the least contaminated, by humans, locations in Europe, maybe the world. Facing the North Pole, with its melting glaciers and volcanic landscapes, its wildlife and extreme weather, and its sublime rather than beautiful aurora, it serves as a warning for our perils ahead, and the necessity of a balance in the relationship between humans and nature.

The NES Artists Residency gave me an opportunity to further develop the relationship between time, space, images, and sound, especially in a live performance situation. The theme of the human environment explored in Sonitus Urbanitatis, gives way, in the Icelandic project Sonitus Borealis, to the theme of our fragility and destructive course if we continue seeing ourselves as biological entities separate from, if not more privileged than, the rest of the biosphere.

Born in Cyprus in 1959, Yiannos Economou studied first Economics in UK, but re-entered full-time education and obtained a Fine Arts Degree and a Master’s from the Kent Institute of Arts and Design in Kent. Whilst mainly a video artist, he has also worked with film, photography and animation and his videos have been shown equally in gallery spaces and video festivals. His works combine the raw verisimilar attributes of video and its ability to capture unmediated sounds and images into poetic compositions.


“All my life, I have been fascinated with the connection between sight, sound, visual arts, and music. I regularly collaborate with video artist Yiannos Economou and other visual artists as a performer, composer, and improviser. The focus in my work is on the invisible, almost mysterious link between image and sound and how they work together and complement each other.  I hope that with my work the audience will appreciate the intimate but rather ephemeral quality of live performances.

Sonitus Urbanitatis Live from Yiannos Economou on Vimeo.

Je Prens D’Amour Noriture from Yiannos Economou on Vimeo.

During my stay in NES Artist Residency, I will continue to work on a project, descending directly from my previous collaboration with Yiannos Economou, Sonitus Urbanitatis: An Interdisciplinary Show On Human Space & Time.

The new project in Iceland is called Sonitus Borealis and is a collaboration between visual and sound artists, writers, poets, all residents of NES, and me as a piano performer and improviser, interacting with their work. I also use my time to research sounds that originate from the unique Icelandic nature and incorporate them in my compositions.”

Galina was born and raised in Bulgaria. She graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Art in Plovdiv in 1990, where later, in 2017 she obtained her PhD on a research of the works of the Cypriot composer Nicolas Economou. Galina moved to Cyprus in 1994. Today she lives and works in Paphos as a piano performer, musicologist, educator, and composer.  

Galina performed the collaborative project Sonitus Borealis on the 25th July 2021 at Holaneskirkja, Skagaströnd in Iceland.

You can look and listen to more on Galina’s YouTube channel

Artist in Residence – Christoph Brünggel

Christoph Brünggel is an interdisciplinary working artist based in Zürich, Switzerland. His work reaches from different visual media and installation art to sound arts and electroacoustic music.
The fragility and instability as well as the ecology and the complex relationships of the human and non-human world are at the core of his interest.

Sound Artist in Residence – Patricia Jäggi

Patricia Jäggi is a sound researcher and field recordist fascinated by the diversity of the world of sounds. Her research and art deals with the interconnection of ecology, sound and practices of listening. Currently she is recording the sounds of Icelandic birds and interviewing people about their sonic relation to birds for her research project «Seeking Birdscapes – Contemporary Listening and Recording Practices in Ornithology and Environmental Sound Art» at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – School of Music.