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Artist in Residence – Curt Bean

Curt Bean has been working in the arts for 6 plus years. In that time he has shown across the United States, hailing from Denver, Colorado. His work ranges from conceptual visual art, traditional paintings, photography, and interactive performance installations. He founded the Art of War Project that serves the American veteran population with alternative resources such as art, yoga, and meditation. You can see his work at and view his AOW project at

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Artist in Residence – Angelika Rauf

Angelika Rauf graduated in 2014 from the University of Art in Braunschweig. After that, she became a master-student of Ayse Erkmen at the Münster Academy of Fine Arts. She engages herself in physical drawings, ceramics, casts, paper and sound.

During her stay at NES she wants to draw on her work Miura-Ori by using the technique of the making molds to reproduce nature and to transform it using the media of drawing and sculpture; to create a new surface through the transformation of the material, thus giving the viewer a feeling of an “extended surface”. Molds made of plaster and paper are intended to direct focus to the surface and thus to sharpen and enlarge the view. The imprints should not be a copy of the natural surface, but rather become an independent landscape/surface in order to initiate thinking processes which help to get another point of view and show something more than the mere visible surfaces.


Artist in Residence

Martyna Jastrzębska (1987) – multimedia artist,  a graduate,  and PhD candidate at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, who works in the Intermedia department.

Martyna redefines contexts for symbols and objects present in common perception and works on the conception of identity and memory which set the direction of her former and present artistic activity.

martyna jastrzębska_tales of the old continent vol.1_2016

martyna jastrzębska_ klechda_2017


Artist in Residence – Daniela Baumgaertl

Daniela Baumgaertl has worked as freelance scriptwriter since 2007. She’s written and co-written feature films, TV series and short films that premiered at festivals like Berlin International Film Festival (“Dígame – Tell me”) and won various prizes. “Enemies in Love” was nominated for Swiss Film Award 2013 (best feature, best actress, best actor). Daniela has received several scholarships.

Based in Berlin, she is currently developing TV shows and feature films for the German and international market. She’s a member of the European writers collective “Dirty Dozen”.           

Dígame - still
Dígame still

Artist in Residence – Alison Stigora

Alison Stigora is a site-specific artist specializing in large scale sculpture and installation. Iceland’s raw, dramatic landscape provides her the ideal setting to explore the contrast of scale between forces of nature and human activity. While at Nes, one of her projects is to create a library of sounds taken from the natural environment, which will be used in future immersive installations. For more images, visit




Artist in Residence – Rebecca Sawdon

Rebecca Sawdon is an independent contemporary dance artist based in Winnipeg, Canada.  Her experience includes work as a dance interpreter, performer, arts educator and choreographer. Rebecca is inspired by the similarities between elements of the natural world and the human mind. She is very grateful for time and space to delve into choreographic research at the NES Artist Residency, as her first step towards creating a new full length work.

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Artist in Residence – Lauren Guymer

Lauren Guymer is an emerging visual artist from Melbourne, Australia. Lauren draws highly detailed landscapes and imaginary places inspired by nature, landforms, outer space, and much more. She explores her ideas in pen and ink with a variety of techniques and mark making including dot stippling, lines, and circles.
During her time at NES she aims to create a series of work as a response to the surrounding environment.

Artist in Residence – Jean Jewer

‘I am presently living in Toronto, originally A native of Newfoundland. I am an interdisciplinary artist addressing themes of identity, memory and impermanence while working across various mediums including painting, photography, collage and printmaking. I was brought up on the remote coast in a small fishing community on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland and the resonance of my past has a vital presence in the production of my current work. I studied Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba, have exhibited extensively across Canada and my work can be found in corporate and private collections nationally and abroad. While I am here in Skagaströnd, I am continuing with printmaking and photography.’





Artist in Residence – Heidi Leverty

Canadian Fine Art Photographer, Heidi Leverty pursues a body of work which is abstract in approach, but documentary in presentation. Focusing on capturing transient moments, in the industrial world, in everyday objects, or in nature, her intention is to portray the unique and extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.  ‘While I am in Skagastrond I am interested photographing  basalt  columns, I see them as architecture without the hands of architects.’