Creative Mentoring Classes – 2016/2017

Nes artists mentor and engage with local students from Hofðaskóli on a regular weekly basis throughout the school year.  The varied experience of the artists gives students the opportunity to explore with the guidance of professionals a wide range of art mediums and practices including the following:

  • Photography: including exploring portraiture, movement, light, documentation of image, directing photo-shoots, editing in Lightroom (photographic software)
  • Performance: creating personalized characters, improvisation, attending professional dance rehearsal
  • Stop-motion animation: creating a short work
  • Drawing and mixed-media
  • Creative writing and Poetry: writing own poems and stories
  • Digital art technologies
  • Collaborative practices, working in teams
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Creative experimentation and self-expression

Mentor: Iwona Knorr (Poland / Germany) Date: Wednesday 3rd May 2017 One-off class


Photography and documentation:

After a short introduction of the students, Iwona talked about her work as a photographer. She explained different approaches to visual storytelling and provided some insights into her documentary projects. A slide show motivated the students to a field exercise. All agreed to take photographs of the old harbour situated close to the NES studio using mobile phones. Iwona gave feedback to the students and made some suggestions how they could improve their way to photograph.

Mentors: Laura Cruz and Alejandro Rodríguez (Mexico)


Date: Wednesday 19th April
One-off class

Performance showing:

Kerryn escorted the students to the biopol dance studio space (í kaffistofu Gamla frystihússins að Einbúastíg 1 (efstu hæð), and watched a rehearsal that Laura and Alejandro were working on and performing in. The piece is about migration and exile. The students asked many questions about their working process, how they make up the dance movement, and also about life in Mexico and the differences between Mexico and Iceland in terms of crime.

Mentor: Oliver Hutchison (Australia) Date: Wednesday 5th April 2017 One-off class


Generative Art:

Ollie spoke about ‘Generative Art’ practice and artists whom work with this. They then worked with a computer program called ‘processing’ which is a digital program to write computer code, and this code is then translated into digital images. It is a visual programming language that is contextualized as ‘generative art’.

Mentor: Sophie Meehan (Ireland)
Dates: Wednesdays 1, 15, 22 March 2017 3 classes

Creative Writing and Poetry:

Throughout the three sessions  the class discussed how poetry can be ‘quick and casual’ and doesn’t have to be formal or epic. They discussed poems that are rooted in location and the material world, and how one can relate the material and external world to an internal emotional world. The class read poetry from Frank O’Hara and also poetry from Sophie. The class discussed favourite lyricists and how lyrics can be poetry also. Students made poems out of cutting words from the newspaper, representing a good way to quickly create a poem out of found material, plus wrote their own poems and

Mentor: Amanda Marsh (Australia)
Dates: Wednesdays 8,15,22 February 2017 3 classes

Drawing and mixed media:

Each class worked with mixed media experimentation with ink, acrylic and oil paint. Students learnt basic drawing skills such as gesture, tonal eraser rubbing and how to draw an eye realistically.


Mentor: Alyson Jackson (UK)
Dates: 25th January and 1st February 2017 2 classes

Photography with Movement and Artificial light:

The workshop looked at the use of artificial light to create movement for a photographic image. The students created surreal images, using light in a darkened room. They learnt camera and lighting techniques and initiated and composed their own interpretation of images. The images were projected in the space, during the February opið hús.

MentorKathleen Scott (USA) Wednesday 14 December 2016


Stop-motion animation:

In this two-hour workshop, students will create a short stop-motion animation. Skills that will be covered include (but are not limited to) production, scene design, lighting, rendering and editing. A variety of examples of contemporary stop-motion techniques will also be discussed.

Vimeo link to animation “Yfirnáttúrulegt” (“Supernatural”) (password: NES)

MentorClaire Paugam (France)

8 classes: Wednesdays 5,12,19,26 October / 2,9,25,30 November 2016


Presented 8 sessions delving into Photography, Performance, Improvisation, Characterization, Developing Creative processes and Collaborative methods: Throughout these eight workshops the students had the opportunity to develop a creative project, learn methods of collaboration and critical analysis, explore and experiment through improvisation, writing, discussions and feedback sessions, lead a photo-shoot, and learn how to edit photographs on Lightroom software.

wk 6

Two artists Charles Rosenthal and Garrett Hayes mentored over several weeks  on a one to one basis Hofðaskóli student, Ivan,  engaging with him over 11 classes through  drawing and clay work.

IMG_7260Charles and student Ivan

15726996_10153997685427540_4038077291508780432_nGarret Hayes

Ivan2Ivan working with Clay

Skagaströnd, Iceland