In May 2019, FNV student Soffía visited Nes studios for the day to complete a school assignment on the type of career they wish to pursue. 3 artists spent an hour each with Soffía talking about their work and what inspires them to be full time artists.  The 3 artists were Ingrid Erickson, Emilia Silvetti and Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé.

Soffía with paper artist Ingrid Erickson from the USA who explained that her work spans the intersection of art and science through the investigation of specific species and ecosystems. Each piece is individually hand cut using an x-acto knife and scissors, with up to several thousand individual cuts per piece, and color is added after cutting is complete, with layers of light-fast acrylic spray paint. While at Nes, Ingrid was working on a large-scale installation in cut paper featuring the ecology of the ecosystem here in Skagaströnd. Her research process involves walking the cliffs and shoreline; sketching, observing and documenting live species and specimens.

Soffía and her mother Erla with Argentinian  artist and painter Emilia Silvetti. Emilia explains the inspiration behind her art work. “When painting, my focus is on shape overlapping, an emphasis on colour, contrast and details on composition. I am interested in exploring the relationship between the parts and the whole, developing images that allow for multiple readings and approaches. Also a kind of game between control and flow, stillness and conflict, but always intuitive. I like to create abstract landscapes: rare, broken and unfinished.”

 French Canadian artist Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé who shares with Soffía her fascination with archival and holographic images, plus combinations photography, video, installation and printmaking utilised in her artwork.

Skagaströnd, Iceland