Horsing Around Iceland

Whilst in residence May 2016,  Nes Artist Brenda Oelbaum  spent some of her time working with the local children on a project that would engage them and help them see some of the world outside of their small village.   The children and some Nes artists individually painted an array of plastic horse figures which have all been tagged with a QR symbol and set free around the country (as is done with the real ones at this time of the year).  The horses are hiding in a variety of places and the finders are asked to scan the symbol and post a photo of themselves  with the horse and upload to the Facebook page.

It has been a fun project that keeps on giving!

13235589_1317696581577103_580652822040744853_o 13243695_1317694034910691_1484952075107685653_o 13244158_1317706744909420_1002038101749290012_o 13247961_1317696451577116_125442390874558505_o 13254833_1317696088243819_6229937208388089366_o 13268433_1317696771577084_474702696106789035_o 13308339_1317694031577358_564566822346717865_oSkagaströnd students hard at work!

13407331_1327943803885714_2757165816767272674_n 13335979_1327218833958211_9064585488766090697_n 13322050_1325809647432463_6766159743850730322_n 13312746_1325268090819952_5703077234631802942_nAnd now they have been set free!

Photo Credits – Ludmila Ketslakh and Brenda Oelbaum

Skagaströnd, Iceland