Skagaströnd “Peninsula-Beach” is the hometown of Nes artist residency.

It is a small village of 508 inhabitants in rural Iceland. The town is located in the Northwest of Iceland, about a four hour drive from Reykjavík.

The town, although small, has all the main services that a visitor might need including a bank, library, post office, gas station, gym, pharmacy, grocery store, with an addition of a café and swimming pool that’s open in the summer.

The community of Skagaströnd remains a huge asset to NES, as everyone is usually very interested in the work being created at the residency. Should you wish to do a performance at the church, for instance, or show your work at the café, it is completely possible.

For more information about living in Skagaströnd, please read our guidelines.

Skagaströnd, Iceland