Activities and The Area

The north west of Iceland is a varied and beautiful area. Here you will find sagas and inspiration, be it thorugh the natural sights, the local hospitality, or the rich folklore and cultural attractions.

Listed here are some highlights, attractions, and opportunities locally to explore the area:

The Exhibition Centre for Þórdís; prophetess and soothsayer of Skagaströnd. Local palm, tarot, and rune readers offer readings by appointment Skagaströnd has a rich cultural history of pagan and sourcery ritual and sagas.

Textile Center and Museum
Textile Artist Residency and Museum at the former Women’s School of the North West. A rich source of history and an insight into the textile traditions of a country built primarily on industry. Located in Blönduós.

Gútto House and Sólon Artists Collective
A goup of local artists based in our neighbouring town of Sauðárkrókur. Keep in touch with Nes to find out about exhibitions and events with Sólon.

Gestastofa Sútarans
Europe’s only fish leather tannery. Here you can organise a tour of the tannery and purchase skins and leathers (including reindeer etc) from the Visitors Centre. Located in Sauðárkrókur.

Icelandic Seal Centre
Exhibition centre with Information on seal watching, and the industry. Located in Hvammstangi and includes a Tourist Information Centre.
Seal Watching and Boat Trips

A hot spring closest to Sauðárkrókur, about 1 hour drive from Skagaströnd with the legend of Grettir to it’s name.

Drangey Island
A steep island off the coast, it is possible to climb in summer. Drangey is an island of cliffs that boats can only dock at with calm seas. Full of puffins!

For local horse riding expeditions, Galsi is based in the neighbouring town of Blönduós. They are very friendly people, and sometimes their dogs come along for the run!

River Rafting in nearby Varmahlið
For a closeby escape and thrill.


Skagaströnd, Iceland