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Artist in Residence – Tobias Leibetseder

In my artistic practice as a composer, performer, sound- and media artist I am engaging with the aspects of space and transformation.
During my time at NES, I am creating an exposition for the “VIS Nordic Journal for artistic research” concerning my work “Fragments” which is part of the artistic research project
“Rotting Sounds” in cooperation with the MDW – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where it also is located. For the symposium of “Rotting Sounds” which is happening on the 23rd and 24th of September.
I will also create a fictional documentary as a short movie which is part of  “Fragments” and will then be presented at the “Auditorium of Rotting Sounds” and the sound theatre at the MDW and via streaming.
Finally, I am collaborating on a piece for piano and live electronics with Katharina Roth, that will be performed by ourselves.
You can view more of Tobias’ work on his website http://www.tobiasleibetseder.at
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Composer in Residence – Katharina Roth

During NES I’m working on a commissioned ensemble piece for the Austrian Ensemble reconsil (ob, clar, tromb, pno, vl, vla, vcl).
Furthermore, I’m collaborating with Tobias Leibetseder on a work for piano and electronics, where Tobias and I will perform ourselves.


You can see more of Katharina’s work on her website https://www.katharina-roth.com/


“All my life, I have been fascinated with the connection between sight, sound, visual arts, and music. I regularly collaborate with video artist Yiannos Economou and other visual artists as a performer, composer, and improviser. The focus in my work is on the invisible, almost mysterious link between image and sound and how they work together and complement each other.  I hope that with my work the audience will appreciate the intimate but rather ephemeral quality of live performances.

Sonitus Urbanitatis Live from Yiannos Economou on Vimeo.

Je Prens D’Amour Noriture from Yiannos Economou on Vimeo.

During my stay in NES Artist Residency, I will continue to work on a project, descending directly from my previous collaboration with Yiannos Economou, Sonitus Urbanitatis: An Interdisciplinary Show On Human Space & Time.

The new project in Iceland is called Sonitus Borealis and is a collaboration between visual and sound artists, writers, poets, all residents of NES, and me as a piano performer and improviser, interacting with their work. I also use my time to research sounds that originate from the unique Icelandic nature and incorporate them in my compositions.”

Galina was born and raised in Bulgaria. She graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Art in Plovdiv in 1990, where later, in 2017 she obtained her PhD on a research of the works of the Cypriot composer Nicolas Economou. Galina moved to Cyprus in 1994. Today she lives and works in Paphos as a piano performer, musicologist, educator, and composer.  

Galina performed the collaborative project Sonitus Borealis on the 25th July 2021 at Holaneskirkja, Skagaströnd in Iceland.

You can look and listen to more on Galina’s YouTube channel