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Artist in Residence – Tobias Leibetseder

In my artistic practice as a composer, performer, sound- and media artist I am engaging with the aspects of space and transformation.
During my time at NES, I am creating an exposition for the “VIS Nordic Journal for artistic research” concerning my work “Fragments” which is part of the artistic research project
“Rotting Sounds” in cooperation with the MDW – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where it also is located. For the symposium of “Rotting Sounds” which is happening on the 23rd and 24th of September.
I will also create a fictional documentary as a short movie which is part of  “Fragments” and will then be presented at the “Auditorium of Rotting Sounds” and the sound theatre at the MDW and via streaming.
Finally, I am collaborating on a piece for piano and live electronics with Katharina Roth, that will be performed by ourselves.
You can view more of Tobias’ work on his website http://www.tobiasleibetseder.at
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Artist in Residence – Leyla Cehan Sebuncuoglu

My practice is multi-disciplinary, circling around sound, performance, video and painting. I am interested in interwoven realities, dreamscapes, altered mental states and the seeking of the self.

This is my first residency and I am enjoying a lot the small-town feeling and what the scenery has to offer for creating alienating visuals, such as boiling an egg in-front of an old house, wild horses, territorial krías.

I mainly use myself as a subject and also had the chance to collaborate with other wonderful artists as well as locals in photography and video projects involving movement.

I take in the scenery and its colors and it also reflects into my painting practice which is non-figurative for the most part. Overall, I feel my practice growing with the collaborative spirit and the inspiring atmosphere.

Artist in Residence – Yiannos Economou

Iceland for me is one of the least contaminated, by humans, locations in Europe, maybe the world. Facing the North Pole, with its melting glaciers and volcanic landscapes, its wildlife and extreme weather, and its sublime rather than beautiful aurora, it serves as a warning for our perils ahead, and the necessity of a balance in the relationship between humans and nature.

The NES Artists Residency gave me an opportunity to further develop the relationship between time, space, images, and sound, especially in a live performance situation. The theme of the human environment explored in Sonitus Urbanitatis, gives way, in the Icelandic project Sonitus Borealis, to the theme of our fragility and destructive course if we continue seeing ourselves as biological entities separate from, if not more privileged than, the rest of the biosphere.

Born in Cyprus in 1959, Yiannos Economou studied first Economics in UK, but re-entered full-time education and obtained a Fine Arts Degree and a Master’s from the Kent Institute of Arts and Design in Kent. Whilst mainly a video artist, he has also worked with film, photography and animation and his videos have been shown equally in gallery spaces and video festivals. His works combine the raw verisimilar attributes of video and its ability to capture unmediated sounds and images into poetic compositions. 


“All my life, I have been fascinated with the connection between sight, sound, visual arts, and music. I regularly collaborate with video artist Yiannos Economou and other visual artists as a performer, composer, and improviser. The focus in my work is on the invisible, almost mysterious link between image and sound and how they work together and complement each other.  I hope that with my work the audience will appreciate the intimate but rather ephemeral quality of live performances.

Sonitus Urbanitatis Live from Yiannos Economou on Vimeo.

Je Prens D’Amour Noriture from Yiannos Economou on Vimeo.

During my stay in NES Artist Residency, I will continue to work on a project, descending directly from my previous collaboration with Yiannos Economou, Sonitus Urbanitatis: An Interdisciplinary Show On Human Space & Time.

The new project in Iceland is called Sonitus Borealis and is a collaboration between visual and sound artists, writers, poets, all residents of NES, and me as a piano performer and improviser, interacting with their work. I also use my time to research sounds that originate from the unique Icelandic nature and incorporate them in my compositions.”

Galina was born and raised in Bulgaria. She graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Art in Plovdiv in 1990, where later, in 2017 she obtained her PhD on a research of the works of the Cypriot composer Nicolas Economou. Galina moved to Cyprus in 1994. Today she lives and works in Paphos as a piano performer, musicologist, educator, and composer.  

Galina performed the collaborative project Sonitus Borealis on the 25th July 2021 at Holaneskirkja, Skagaströnd in Iceland.

You can look and listen to more on Galina’s YouTube channel

Sound Artist in Residence – Patricia Jäggi

Patricia Jäggi is a sound researcher and field recordist fascinated by the diversity of the world of sounds. Her research and art deals with the interconnection of ecology, sound and practices of listening. Currently she is recording the sounds of Icelandic birds and interviewing people about their sonic relation to birds for her research project «Seeking Birdscapes – Contemporary Listening and Recording Practices in Ornithology and Environmental Sound Art» at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – School of Music.

Artist in Residence – Lieselle McMahon

Lieselle McMahon is a visual artist from Dublin, Ireland where she studied Music & Media Technologies at Trinity College Dublin and Art & Design at CEAD at the National College of Art and Design. Her practice is mainly sculptural, encompassing 2D, 3D installation, live art and sound sculpture. Drawing on the assertion that the personal is political, conceptual themes around feminism and anti-capitalism manifest in her work and she has been a member of A4 Sounds Arts Community since 2017, where she bases her practice. She draws on both music and art sensibilities in her work and her central focus is the body.
Currently she is exploring themes of intimacy, how we relate to the other and to ourselves, and our connection (or reconnection) to the body-mind. Whilst at NES she is investigating this through sculpture, performance and sound, drawing on local mythology, storytelling and folklore (particularly as it relates to Prophetess Mountain), engaging with the natural elements in Skagastrond and the execution of her artistic endeavours in the prolonged darkness – a time with an almost magical quality in the air when the intuition seems more easily accessible.
Many thanks to the Arts Council of Ireland for funding this artist residency with a travel and training award @artscouncilireland #artsireland @a4sounds @lieselle.mcmahon

Artist in Residency – Fan-Ling Suen

Fan-Ling Suen is a cross-disciplinary artist from Ontario, Canada. Her
work extends across a variety of media including sculpture,
installation, drawing, photography and most recently sound. Since
working on a vegetable farm, Fan-Ling’s research has begun to expand
beyond the intimacy of interpersonal human relationships to consider our
connection with surrounding ecologies.

While in Iceland, Fan-Ling will play her musical saw in different
natural areas. She will begin to open a musical dialogue with
Skagastrond’s underground soundscapes by using a combination of
transducers and buried aquaphones in the soil to engage with the earth
as a natural amphitheater.   www.fanlingsuen.com