Artist in Residence – Nora Fuchs

Nora Fuchs is a German sculptor and professor for Three-dimensional Art in the University of Applied Sciences and Art in Dortmund. She lives in Berlin and Dortmund, and works with installation, sound and photography. Falling in love with Iceland some years ago, she is now happy to be a resident at Nes in Skagaströnd for April and May 2018.

“I would like to work with the question of territories. This could mean to mark territories or maybe to try to regain territories. I hope to find some unique places I appreciate in town or outside town. These locations can offer an unobstructed view to a special unexciting content. The protected part inside could contain very contemporary items, a part of typical nature or something special for Skagaströnd, which I hope to discover there. It depends on local conditions and possibilities. I want to spotlight these areas as particular scenes and to separate them from the surroundings.”
More about her work on her website:


Artist in Residence – Kyle Bates

Resident artist Kyle Bates is a Pacific Northwest based musician, audio visual artist, and writer. He actively creates and performs in sister projects Drowse and Floating Room that have produced a range of work for The Flenser, The Native Sound, Good Cheer Records, Apneic Void, and Television.

His work has been featured by outlets such as NPR, Vice, and Spin. Bates is focused on exploring tangible aural space, the bipolar experience, and making the personal public; he is influenced by Roland Barthes’ practice of reading the self as text. He plays with themes of memory, shame, detachment, sleep, fear, and human connection. His work has included commissions for film and videogame soundtracks, sound and text based performance art, and various writings. Bates has presented and performed his work at festivals, spaces, and galleries across the United States. He currently resides in Portland, OR.
Some music videos:

Artist in Residence – Amanda Lucia Cote

For the past 10 years, resident artist Amanda Lucia Cote has worked abstractly in a variety of different mediums. Drawing attention to piles of clothes, gathered trash, passages, temporary fences and construction sites. Her recent paintings are softer forms, incorporating industrial materials in contrast.

Cote attended the School of Visual Arts and has shown work in New York, San Francisco, Miami and Helsinki, Finland.


Artist in Residence – Devdatta Padekar

Born in Mumbai, India (1978), Devdatta Padekar studied at Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 1999, followed by a Master of Fine Arts in Portraiture in 2001. On both occasions, he stood first with distinction. He later won the British Chevening Scholarship and earned a Master of Art in Drawing in 2005 from Camberwell College of Arts in London.

A full-time painter, Padekar gets his greatest inspiration from nature and his paintings highlight its beauty and sensitivity. He travels and paints in different places around the world on themes in nature that inspire and challenge him as an artist.

Padekar has won several awards nationally and internationally. He is also the recipient of Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award in Canada in 2006.  He has had eleven solo shows till date and his works are in collection of National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai and in private collections in India and abroad.

Nes (March 2018) was his first artist residency.


Artist in Residence – Romane Bladou

Romane Bladou is a French artist based in Canada. Through photography, video and writing, she evokes the notions of territory and the relationship between people and spaces; spaces that they occupy or in which they are just passers-by. She is interested in the transitory and takes her inspiration from her own expatriation and from the landscapes surrounding her. She approaches the ideas of movement, of flux, in different scales : through immigration, transportation, but also water currents or the wind.

Artist in Residence – Auli Laitinen

Our first short-stay Nes resident, Auli Laitinen is a jewellery artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She takes interest in contexts involving collaborative thinking and fuels her work from the everyday. She is here at Nes, seeking inspiration and focus for future projects and exploring the nature of Iceland.

Artist in Residence – Holly Walsh

Holly Walsh was born in 1994 in Cork, Ireland and is a practicing visual artist. She graduated with a BA HONS in Fine Art from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2016. Since then, she has gone on to set up her own studio in Waterfall, Cork where she continues to work full time.
“Shifting light, wind and water all give a landscape it’s complexity and life. These transient elements contrast with the more solid structures such as earth and rock, but also compliment them. This duality is what fascinates me, and I find myself drawn to places where both elements interplay with one another. I draw inspiration from the Irish landscape, especially rural and secluded areas where nature has more free reign. Chinese ink paintings are also a fundamental influence for me, as they explore the more ephemeral qualities of landscapes as well as portraying nature. My practice is a combination of recording outside phenomena and an expression of internal experience. “

Tækifæri á tveggja mánaða dvöl í listamiðstöð

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Frá Skagaströnd til Ahrenshoop í Þýskalandi 
Tækifæri á tveggja mánaða dvöl í listamiðstöð

Nes listamiðstöð á Skagaströnd, sem stofnuð var árið 2008, er fjölþætt listamiðstöð þar sem dvelja 10-16 alþjóðlegir listamenn í hverjum mánuði.

Nes vinnuaðstöðu

Künstlerhaus Lukas er ein af elstu listamiðstöðvunum í Þýskalandi, til húsa í Ahrenshoop sem er bær sem stendur á skaga við Eystrasaltið.

Künstlerhaus Lukas

Saman bjóða Nes listamiðstöð og Künstlerhaus Lukas, íslenskum listamönnum eða erlendum listamönnum sem eru búsettir á Íslandi, styrk til tveggja mánaða dvalar í listamiðstöðunum.

Dvölinni er skipt í tvo hluta, einn mánuður er dvöl í Nes listamiðstöð í júlí 2018 og annar mánuður er dvöl í Künstlerhaus Lukas í Þýskalandi í október 2018. Athugið að aðrir dvalartímar eru ekki í boði.

Styrkurinn felst í ókeypis gistingu og vinnuaðstöðu þessa tvo mánuði. Allur annar kostnaður, s.s. ferðir og fæði, er á kostnað listamannsins.

Umsóknir sendist í síðasta lagi 13. apríl á netfangið, á íslensku eða ensku, með yfirskriftinni Skagaströnd to Ahrenshoop Residency.

Umsóknin skal vera í einu pdf skjali og innihalda:

  1. Afrit af ferilsskrá
  2. Viljayfirlýsingu (með verkefnislýsingu – hámark 500 orð)
  3. Hlekk á vefsíðu/sýnishorn af verkefnum

Nánari upplýsingar um Nes listamiðstöð  hér og Künstlerhaus Lukas er að finna hér.

Skagaströnd to Ahrenshoop  Germany
A Two Month Art Residency Opportunity

Nes Listamiðstöð founded in 2008 is a multi disciplinary residency, hosting 10-16 international artists each month at its facilities in Skagaströnd North West Iceland. Künstlerhaus Lukas is one of the oldest artists’ residences in Germany situated in Ahrenshoop on the peninsula at the edge of the Baltic sea.

Together Nes Listamiðstöð and Künstlerhaus Lucas are offering a 2 month Iceland/Germany art residency scholarship to Icelandic artists or artists who are residents of Iceland.

The residencies are offered in two parts  – 1 month is to be undertaken at Nes Listamiðstöð NW Iceland in July 2018 and the second part is to be undertaken for 1 month at Kunstlerhaus Lucas in Ahrenshoop Germany in October 2018. Please note the  residencies must be taken in July and September 2018 – no other dates are available.

The scholarship provides accommodation and workspace only in each location for the months specified.  All other expenses, travel, food and consumables are the responsibility of the artist.

To apply please submit by 13th April 2018 to in Icelandic or English with the subject line Skagaströnd to Ahrenshoop Residency  

In ONE PDF document the following:

A copy of your CV
Letter of intent (including a project description- 500 word max)
Link to webpage/examples of work

Find out more information about Nes Listamiðstöð  here and Künstlerhaus Lucas here.



Artist in Residence – Yihsin Chu

Yihsin Chu was born in 1991 in Taipei, Taiwan. Yihsin is currently studying an MA in Fine Arts at the University of Arts in London. Landscapes painted by Yihsin feature the idea of impermanence in Chinese philosophy. Directed strokes and heavy paints are the mental projection from the painter, which represents the motion of flow and resonates with impermanence.
See her website for more work: