Artist in Residence – Verena Romanens

Verena Romanens is an artist from Zurich who works with drawing, painting, and collage, mostly in larger formats.

While in Iceland, she’s drawing inspiration from her natural surroundings – the landscape, clouds, the sky – as well as from Icelandic culture.


Her projects at Nes will gather and express those elements in small pieces, which she’ll take back to Zurich with her. Once there, she’ll give them new life by working them into larger contexts, shapes, or installations.

Artist in Residence – Jamie Nadherny

Jamie Nadherny is from Washington state, USA. She is working at Nes for 2 months, July-August. Jamie is a multidisciplinary artist focusing her practice on performance and installation.

Her interest is to refer to the body as a site where the development of experience and language resides, and can be used as a receptacle for memory and transformation.

Jamie is currently working with a wide variety of materials and hand-stitching them together to create a costume. Her performance is connecting hybrid identities and the elements of the surrounding environment.
Facebook – Lou Lou Pink

Writer in Residence – William Johnson

Willie Johnson is a writer and teacher who’s incredibly grateful to have time at Nes to work on a number of projects. Most urgently, he’s revising “Hephaestus”, a play that explores questions of disability and sexuality, the limitations of the body, and the desire to transcend them. The play uses the character of Hephaestus — the crippled blacksmith god of classical mythology — to interrogate our notions of disability and work, and what they say about our relationships with our own bodies. Drawing on a variety of classical texts and employing elements of dance and music, this full-length play probes the classics to illuminate contemporary attitudes about gender, race, and beauty. The photos here are from its first staged reading, at New York’s Drawing Center, in 2017. “Hephaestus” will have its next staged reading at LPAC in August, followed by a full production in 2020 at New York’s Rough Draft Festival.



Artists in Residence – Silke Janssen

Silke Janssen, Hamburg based, is happy to be in Skagaströnd for one month. She works with paper-yarn, paper and photography.

In the NES studio Silke is working with objects which belong to Iceland (fishing nets, horsehair or Icelandic free newspaper), which she finds at the beach and combines these in different ways with paper making.

She tries to use old craft techniques, which also were common in Iceland; like band weaving or the spindle.  The work of Silke is very minimalistic. The experience at Nes is an opportunity for developing works in progress.

Artist in Residence – Jasmine Crisp

Jasmine Crisp is an emerging artist from Adelaide, South Australia. Her characteristic painting practice is constructed from processes in photography and collage which manifest narratives of her direct experiences and surroundings, often featuring portraits of people relevant to her immediate environment.

(Self portrait photo image credit. “Jasmine in Carclew Studio 2018, Photo by Wade Whitington”.) While Jasmine is at NES she will be creating a new series of paintings in response to feelings of home, the foreign home, and what it means to be a local living in Iceland, a once isolated landscape now rapidly changing due to increased tourism.


Jasmine’s project is assisted by the South Australian Government through Carclew, proudly supported by Adelaide Central School of Art Graduate Support Program and assistance from IAF foundation.

Artist in Residence – Bridgette Badowich

Bridgette Badowich is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist who works with drawing, collage, printmaking and photo methods to explore personal and public archives, and modes of translation.

While at NES, Bridgette has been working on developing a photographic archive as part of her series “A Casual Study” and an accompanying writing.


Instagram: bridgettekristine_
Web: (under construction)
(all works pictured are works-in-progress)

Writer in Residence – Paul Acker

I am a poet from the U.S. I have often visited Iceland to research Old Icelandic poetry, to translate traditional Icelandic ballads, and to write poems on Icelandic subjects.

My photo shows me on top of Tungustapi, an ‘elves cathedral’ some two hours west of Skagaströnd.

In 2013, I published a travel piece and a poem about living in Reykjavík in the Scandinavian Review, which poem I reproduce here. In May of 2019, the first month of my residency, I wrote a poem about climbing on the local ridge called Höfði. NES artist In-Young Chung was kind enough to illustrate it for me on a sort of broadside that I showed during the open house. While here I am also writing a poetic sequence titled “Murder in the Artists’ Colony.”

The Tarn in the Middle of Town

“Yes, we have excellent bird life here in Iceland,”
said the well-mannered stranger standing behind me,
practicing his English, and I said I had been looking

at the ducks, the mallards, ordinary and ubiquitous,
the young ones half the size of their patient mother
diving for food, as they are not supposed to do,

for they are dabbling ducks, who stick to the surface
of the element that surrounds them, the tarn.
“They must learn it from the eiders,” I said,

and he said, “from the eiders, yes,” thinking æðar,
the Norse word comfortably close to the English,
giving him pleasure to know his word came first,

perhaps, and pride in seeing the tourists, the outlanders,
taking pleasure in what his small country has to offer.

Quite a lot, I am thinking later tonight, as a buddy of mine

is about to leave for home, so we drink white wine
from Italy, roll cigarettes from Turkish tobacco,
and look out on the tarn and its excellent life.

Paul Acker

Artist in Residence – Cassia Powell

Cassia Powell is a Visual Arts honours student from the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada. She is a digital illustrator, acrylic painter, animator, and now, installation artist.

Her work focuses on a variety of themes, such as nostalgia, personal trauma, dreams, gas stations, small bathrooms, and the effects of the digital age on the human psyche.


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Artist in Residence – Dóra Benyó

Hi! I am Dóra Benyó, artist working between The Hague, the Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium.

My video project at Nes is based on the footage that I collected on a guided tour in Iceland. During sightseeing I captured how the tourist behave. In their hiking boots and colourful jackets the tourists use the landscape as a stage in which they create a choreography and become performer.